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MLA Publishing Format and Proposal Guidelines

The MLA Publishing Program, under the guidance of the MLA Books Panel, introduces the Quick Guide format to showcase current or emerging issues in librarianship. Envisioned as quick-turnaround publications, the approximately 100-page, six-by-nine-inch softcover books will assess the current state of the profession. The titles will be copublished with Neal-Schuman Publishers and undergo peer-review by the Books Panel. Quick Guides are not intended to be comprehensive treatments of topics but concise, easy-to-digest books on focused topics. Quick Guides will help capture the immediacy of hot topics and guide readers through the issues.

The Books Panel also announces a change in the proposal process that makes submitting proposals easier for would-be authors. Please submit Quick Guide topics as well as proposals to the new publishing hotline at Visit to view the new easy, two-step proposal guidelines.