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The purpose of this manual is to provide a record of policy decisions and to serve as a guide when conducting chapter business. Policies and procedures are written as needed and reviewed annually by the Executive Board.

Policies are boundaries for organizational and managerial action. They establish objectives, guidelines and regulations. They may be very broad, basic policies allowing for flexibility as well as more specific operational policies with less flexibility.

Procedures give ways by which policies are to be achieved. A statement of procedures provides instructions and step-by-step explanations of how to carry out a policy.

Sources of information for the P & P Manual include MAC Bylaws, the Strategic Plan, previous editions of the Manual and minutes of Executive Board meetings. An outline format should be followed whenever possible. Adoption/revision dates are mandatory and should be on the table of contents page for each entry.

The P & P Manual is divided into three major sections with the following information:

  1. General Policies and Procedures

  2. Guidelines for the Executive Board (Chair, Immediate Past Chair, Chair-Elect, Secretary, Treasurer, Chapter Council Representative and Alternate)
    1. General Guidelines
      1. Eligibility and membership
      2. General duties
    2. Specific entries for each office
      1. Charge and term of office
      2. MLA responsibilities
      3. MAC responsibilities

  3. Guidelines for Committees, Liaisons, and Others (Membership Committee, Nominating Committee, Government Relations Committee, Communications Committee,MAC Messages, Professional Development Committee, PDC Liaison, Program Committee)
    1. General Guidelines
      1. Eligibility requirements
      2. General duties of committee chairs
    2. Specific entries for each committee
      1. Charge to the committee
      2. Committee membership
      3. Specific committee policies and procedures
      4. Samples of letters, forms, ballots, etc.

Policy and Procedure Manual Table of Contents

Section Revision Date Size
Introduction 04/2007 PDF (20Kb)
Section I: General Policies and Procedures 04/2007 PDF (58Kb)
          Financial Accounting and Reports
          Travel Assistance
          Annual Meeting Site
          Honoraria and Expenses
          Financial Records for Annual Meeting
          Chapter Archives
          MAC Bylaws Revision
Section II: Guidelines for the Executive Board 04/2007 PDF (76Kb)
          General Guidelines
          MAC Chair
          MAC Immediate Past Chair
          MAC Chair-Elect
          Chapter Council Representative
          Chapter Council Representative Alternate
          Chapter Benchmarking Liaison
Section III: Guidelines for Committees, Liaisons and Others 04/2007 PDF (109Kb)
          General Guidelines
          Honors and Awards Committee
          Membership Committee
          Nominating Committee
          Professional Development Committee
          Annual Meeting Committee
          Communications Committee
          MAC Messages
          Strategic Planning Committee
Complete Policy and Procedure Manual 04/2007 PDF (263Kb)

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