No longer awarded

This award was given to a MAC member who led a library with up to 0.5 paid staff, and a plaque and a cash award of $200.00 was awarded each year to the recipients from 1997-2012.

The criteria used to determine the recipients of the award included:

  • leadership in the profession at a local or higher level
  • publications
  • teaching/training/mentoring
  • development of special projects at a local or higher level
One-Person Library Recognition Award
Year Recipient(s)
2012 No award given
2011 No award given
2010 No award given
2009 Malathi Lakshman
2008 Rosa Edwards
2007 Claire Meissner
2006 Deniz Ender
2005 Pat Hammond
2004 Dan Oates
2003 Monique Mackey
2002 Ann Sasser
2001 Mary Alice Sherrard
2000 Sarah Towner Wright
1999 Jacqueline Ramseur
1998 Kathryn Chmiel
1997 Myra Binau