Mentoring helps new members grow as professionals and provides an opportunity to share knowledge and experience for senior members who choose to mentor others. MAC has several mentoring programs:

Mentor written on blackboard
  • AHIP Counseling – MAC AHIP counselors assist members pursuing AHIP certification. Meeting time is usually scheduled at the annual meeting or counselors can be contacted as needed. See the AHIP page for more information about the counseling program.
  • Research Mentoring – The Research and Assessment Committee offers a mentoring program to help members submit paper and poster proposals for the annual meeting. See the Research and Assessment Committee page for more information.
  • MAC Buddy Program – The Buddy program is available to first time MAC annual meeting attendees. First timers are paired with MAC veterans who can help with networking and navigating the meeting sessions. For information about the Buddy program at this year’s meeting, contact the Local Arrangements Hospitality Committee.
  • MAC Résumé Clinic – The résumé Clinic is offered at the annual meeting. It pairs MAC members who would like advice on résumé content and design with a member who has experience with hiring. For information about the Résumé Clinic at the annual meeting, contact the Professional Development Committee chair.

For MLA members, there are more opportunities to find or become a mentor.