Applications for the Research and Assessment Grant will be rated on a scale of 1 (poor/strongly disagree) to 5 (very good/strongly agree) for the items listed below:


  1. Education & Experience
    • Is the applicant(s)’s education and training relevant to the project they propose to complete?
    • Does the applicant(s) have experience that translates to the project? Have they completed a similar project or is it in an area they have been working in?
  1. Research Competence/Potential
    • Have they shown the ability to complete research projects, or do they appear to have qualities that will translate into successfully completing projects?
    • Have they completed other large projects (non-research)? Does the work they have completed indicate that they can manage and complete a research project?


  1. Originality
    • Will it accomplish something other research has not? Are the concepts original and innovative?
  1. Importance to the Profession
    • Will the project add to the body of knowledge, increase understanding, or improve services in librarianship, information science, or other academic disciplines?
    • Will the results be interesting and meaningful? Will results be applicable to other libraries?
  1. Soundness of Experimental Design and Detail
    • Have the methods been fully described? Are the methods practical and logical? Are project objectives realistic and clearly defined?
    • Have they forgotten or neglected to take anything into account? Has appropriate background research been done?
    • Will the methodology achieve the desired outcomes? Have the correct questions been asked? Does the design permit the evaluation of achievement of project goals?
  1. Project Feasibility
    • Is the budget realistic and appropriate to fund the tasks described?
    • Have all anticipated expenses been included?
    • Is the timeline and sequence of the project realistic and appropriate?