2011 MAC Scholar: Adrianne Leonardelli

It was an honor to be the 2011 MAC Scholar and a privilege to attend the Annual Meeting in Richmond, Virginia.  As a relatively new health sciences librarian, I found the 2011 MAC-MLA Meeting to be an exhausting, but fun, whirlwind of activity.

 I encourage new health sciences librarians to become professionally active.  An easy way to do this is to join MAC and serve on a committee, such as the Registration Committee for the Annual MAC-MLA Meeting.  I had the pleasure of participating in this Committee for the 2011 meeting and found that it was a great way to meet other librarians while learning about the meeting’s activities and logistics.

 The Welcome Reception was at the Virginia State Capitol.  What could be more fun than pearl-donning librarians taking over a government building for a night of good food, drink and conversation?  For me, the highlights of the evening were taking a guided tour of the beautiful Capitol building, chatting with colleagues and meeting my MAC buddy, Paula Raimondo.

 The featured speakers at this year’s MAC Meeting presented new information, fresh ideas and interesting perspectives.  The meeting opened with keynote speaker, Lisa Gualtieri, PhD, an assistant professor at Tufts University School of Medicine.  Dr. Gualtieri shared stories about consumers who have used information found online to help improve their health.  She stressed the importance of health sciences librarians serving as intermediaries between patients and their physicians and patients and technology.  The general topic speaker was Pat Wagner, a library trainer and consultant from Pattern Research.  Wagner provided an interactive, lively and thoughtful discussion about library leadership.  Molly Bishop Shadel, a faculty member at the University of Virginia School of Law and coauthor of Tongue-Tied America: Reviving the Art of Verbal Persuasion, was the closing speaker for this year’s Meeting.  Shadel gave an entertaining talk, which incorporated audio and video clips, about effective verbal presentation.

 The Roundtable Luncheon, Business Meeting and Awards Breakfast, and Paper and Poster Sessions offered additional opportunities for learning and networking.  During the Business Meeting and Awards Breakfast, attendees received updates about MAC activities and celebrated the accomplishments of MAC members.  The Roundtable Luncheon, and Paper and Poster Sessions gave participants a chance to talk with colleagues, share their accomplishments and learn from fellow librarians.

 Being the 2011 MAC Scholar allowed me to participate in the Annual MAC-MLA Meeting, which was a tremendous learning experience.  I would like to thank the members of the MAC Scholar Selection Committee for choosing my application and presenting me with this honor

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