Apply for: Research & Evidence-based Practice Curriculum Committee

MLA is seeking members for Research & Evidence-based Practice Curriculum Cmte. Apply by end of day 7/3. (You have to sign into MLAnet to see the application form.)


MLA is expanding the number of education committees to support the growth of MLA’s education curriculum.

The MLA Board of Directors recently approved the creation of the Research and Evidence-Based Practice Curriculum Committee, which aligns with one of the six domains of MLA’s revised competencies for lifelong learning, and is a major outcome of MLA’s strategic goal on research.

The Research and Evidence-Based Practice Curriculum Committee shall, in collaboration with the Education Steering Committee, other Curriculum committees, and the Director of Education:

  1. design and plan curriculum and educational offerings and resources;
  2. provide direction, expertise, and knowledge to creators and instructors of educational offerings with respect to content and instructional design;
  3. review and assess offerings to ensure they are high quality and current, meet learning outcomes, and have a succession plan;

in the area of research and evidence-based practice.

The Research and Evidence-Based Practice Curriculum Committee shall also:

  1. provide an annual or multi-year proposal to be approved by the Education Steering Committee for educational offering development that contributes to the MLA’s overall curriculum plan;
  2. maintain an operations manual that accurately reflects its work.

The MLA President will appoint a new Research and Evidence-Based Practice Curriculum Committee with 6 to 13 members appointed for up to 3 years, to accomplish the charge of the committee.

If you would like to be considered for appointment on the new curriculum committee, please complete the application below. Consider applying for this committee if:

  • You can commit to two or three years of work
  • You can spend up an average of 10 hours each month contributing to the work of the committee
  • You have topical, education, and/or instructional design expertise in the area of research and evidence-based practice

Please indicate whether you can attend the MLA annual meeting to meet with committee members and connect with membership.

We expect that there will be many more applicants for the committee than can be appointed.  If you are not appointed to the committee please note that there will be multiple ways to contribute to this important initiative, including creating curriculum and being an instructor.

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