Announcing new Head of NLM’s Medical Subject Headings Section, Library Operations

It is with great pleasure that I announce Dr. John Kilbourne as the Head of the Medical Subject Headings Section (MeSH).

Previously, Dr. Kilbourne served in the MeSH Section as the lead on RxNorm where he developed key relationships with industry and improved RxNorm data structures and data content to better serve users’ needs. Additionally, he worked closely with other Federal agencies such as FDA, VA and CMS to facilitate NLM’s role of providing drug information for use in electronic health records, specifically regarding FDA drug and device labels, VA drug classes, and e-prescribing drug codes for CMS.

In his role as Head of MeSH, he will manage the staff of the MeSH Section, join LO senior staff in leading the Library Operations, and play a key role in NLM vocabulary development and management. In addition, he will chair the short-term NLM Terminology Services Working Group which will review NLM’s management of terminology products/services and propose changes for more effective coordination and decision-making. We welcome John Kilbourne to his this key position.

Joyce E.B. Backus
Associate Director for Library Operations
National Library of Medicine

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