Apply now to participate in the 2019 Critical Appraisal Institute for Librarians!

Craving more confidence in leading EBM sessions for medical students? Puzzled on how to guide students about study design and in depth critical appraisal? Frustrated with statistics?

Join us to become a trailblazer of EBM at your institution.

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This six week online program will take place January 23-March 4, 2019 and will consist of: assessment; self-directed learning through video, readings, and problem sets; small group facilitated exercises; and plenary talks by physician and librarian experts in evidence based practice and critical appraisal.

Goal: To develop librarian’s critical appraisal skills via enhanced understanding of research design, biomedical statistics, and clinical reasoning to apply knowledge in teaching target populations.

Objectives: At the end of the institute participants will be able to:

  1. Describe and analyze study methodologies used in clinical research.
  2. Define and critique biostatistical concepts used to report the results of clinical research studies.
  3. Critically appraise biomedical articles including an understanding of the methodology, sources of bias, and the results.
  4. Teach critical appraisal with confidence.

Prerequisite: Experience and prior training in EBM fundamentals.

Curriculum/Schedule – The course will be completely online with self-directed work, small group facilitated sessions (at a time during the week convenient to you), journal clubs, and two plenaries.

The content will be organized in the following modules:

Module 1 (January 14-21): Clinical Study Designs: Basics and Biases.

Plenary Session: 1/23/19

Module 2 (January 22-January 28):  Foundational Stats: Descriptive & Inferential Statistics.

Module 3 (January 29-Feb 4): Common Measures of Association in Biomedical Studies

Module 4 (February 5-11): Common Measures of Association in Biomedical Studies 2: Therapy and Harm.

Module 5 (February 12-18): Common Measures of Association in Biomedical Studies 3: Diagnosis and Prognosis. (And How to Prepare a Journal Club Presentation…)

Module 6. (February 19-25): Results: Confounding, Causation, and Visual Representations of Data.

Week of February 26: Journal Clubs

Plenary Wrap-Up Session: 3/4/19

Registration fee: $150.00 US (special pilot year rate!)
Approximately 35 MLA CE credits (pending)

Application deadline: 11/23/18. Notification by 12/15/18.

Marie Ascher, MS, MPH

Amy Blevins, MA

Sarah Cantrell, MA

Andrew Coyle, MD

Deborah Crooke, MLIS, MPH

Sarah Jewell, MLIS

Joseph Nicholson, MLIS, MPH

Terry Shaneyfelt, MD, MPH, MET

Abe Wheeler, MTS, MLIS


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