Apply to Host a Library Carpentry Workshop for Your Organization!

The National Network of Libraries of Medicine (NNLM), Southeastern Atlantic region (SEA) is pleased to offer Library Carpentry workshops for up to ten SEA member institutions to support the development of data science and computational skills.

Library Carpentry focuses on building software and data skills within library and information-related communities. Their goal is to empower people in these roles to use software and data in their own work and to become advocates for and train others in efficient, effective and reproducible data and software practices.

Note: Library Carpentry workshops are traditionally offered face-to-face, but they’ve been adapted to an online format. Due to COVID-19, the NNLM SEA strongly recommends organizations host remote sessions.


Workshops are approximately 16 hours long. For remote workshops, the Carpentries organization recommends four 4-hour sessions. Workshops can accommodate up to 20 learners. We encourage workshop hosts to invite information professionals from neighboring institutions to fill the 20 spots if your organization is unable to fill all spots. The Carpentries organization requests two months of planning time for each workshop.

If you are selected, the Carpentries organization will provide for remote workshops:

  • Four instructors to lead lessons
  • Planning, scheduling, and registration support
  • An informational webpage for your workshop participants
  • Pre and post workshop evaluation

You will be responsible for:

  • Providing your own video conferencing platform (Zoom, WebEx, etc.) if possible (accommodations can be made if you do not have access to a video conferencing platform through your organization)
  • Finding two volunteers who are familiar with the subject matter in the lesson plans, to attend the workshop as helpers
  • Advertising your workshop to potential participants
  • Completing an Activity Report for NNLM SEA after the event

If you are interested in hosting an in-person workshop before April 30, 2021, please discuss additional requirements and considerations with the Carpentries organization if awarded.

More Information

The target audience is learners who have little to no prior computational experience. The instructors put a priority on creating a friendly environment to empower researchers and enable data-driven discovery. Even those with some experience will benefit, as the goal is to teach not only how to do analyses, but how to manage the process to make it as automated and reproducible as possible. Biomedical and health sciences librarians and LIS students are encouraged to participate.

In this interactive, hands-on workshop you will learn core software and data skills, with lessons including:


Your organization must be a NNLM Network Member. If your organization is not a Network Member, they can join for free!

All participants must be prepared to observe The Carpentries Code of Conduct in workshops.

Apply Now

Applications are open now! The deadline to apply is Friday, July 3, 2020.

For questions, please contact Kiri Burcat and Tony Nguyen.


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