Appointment: Executive Director of the National Network of Libraries of Medicine, Southeastern/Atlantic (NN/LM SE/A) Region

Colleagues and Friends;
It is with great pleasure that I announce the appointment of James Dale Prince (or Dale as we know him) as the new Executive Director of the National Network of Libraries of Medicine, Southeastern/Atlantic (NN/LM SE/A) Region, effective August 1. 

Dale has served as the Acting Executive Director of NN/LM SE/A since early January and has done a wonderful job moving the RML forward, transitioning from the old contract to the new one.  Some of his accomplishments have included:

a.      closing out the 2006-2011 NNLM contract,
b.      responding to best and final offer requests for the 2011-2016 contract,
c.       reworking the Year 1 (2011-2012) budget in response to a budget reduction request from the National Library of Medicine,
d.      beginning the work of the new contract, including sending out requests for funding proposals,
e.       submitting reports as required and requested,
f.        working through a difficult recruitment for a communications coordinator,
g.      hiring a Library Associate, Ashley Cuffia,
h.      instituting new processes for flexible working hours,
i.        participating fully in the HS/HSL’s senior management team, including strategic planning.
I can also verify that he has spent long hours on the phone addressing questions and concerns.  And he and I have also traveled a bit visiting some of our resource libraries in Mississippi and Washington, DC.  He has learned (and continues to learn) the intricacies of our region and the regional office with great enthusiasm.

Dale has almost 10 years of experience in the regional office.  Most recently he has served as Technology Coordinator and is a nationally recognized expert on new and emerging technologies.  He has developed courses that have been taught across the country and has appeared on nationally broadcast webinars on technology implementation in health sciences libraries.  His professional involvement has included chairing the Mid-Atlantic Chapter of the Medical Library Association and he currently chairs the Electronic Media and Technology Section of the Medical Library Association.  Additionally, he has numerous presentations to his credit.
Following in the footsteps of Carol Jenkins, Suzanne Grefsheim, Faith Meakin and Janice Kelly, I am confident that Dale will bring his own style, creativity, convictions, and direction to this position.  I look forward to working with Dale and know you will give him your full support, your good ideas, and your honest input, as we continue to advance the outreach goals of the National Library of Medicine to all our constituents in the SE/A and beyond.
Warm regards –
Associate Vice President, Academic Affairs
Executive Director, Health Sciences and Human Services Library

601 West Lombard Street
Baltimore, MD 21201
410.706.7545 – Voice
410.706.3101 – Fax

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