Marguerite Abel

This award is given to a MAC member for exemplary service to the Chapter during the past year. The award was named the Marguerite Abel Service Recognition Award in 1994, and the Abel family donated money to begin financing the award. Marguerite (Marge) Abel was the first reference librarian and assistant director at the Health Sciences Library of West Virginia University. Marge Abel retired from that library in 1994.

A plaque and a cash award of $250.00 will be awarded to the recipient. You may nominate yourself for this award with a supporting letter from a colleague or supervisor.

Criteria used to determine the recipients of the award include, but are not limited to:

  • serving as an officer or committee chair/member
  • working on special MAC projects
  • developing/teaching courses for MAC members
  • presenting papers or posters at MAC meetings
  • writing/editing for MAC publications
  • acting as a mentor or consultant for MAC members
  • representing MAC to other groups

Marguerite Abel Service Recognition Award



2021 No award given
2020 MAC Diversity Task Group (2017)
Ene Belleh
Carenado Davis
Brenda Linares
Beverly Murphy
Tony Nguyen
Carolyn Schubert
2019 Brian McDonald
2018 Elizabeth Moreton
2017 Lynn Eades
2016 Karen Crowell
2015 Melissa Ratajeski
2014 David Nolfi
2013 Brandi Tuttle
2012 Ryan Harris
2011 Ann Powers
2010 Rick Peterson
2009 Elaine Sullo
2008 Claire Meissner
2007 Andrea Horne
2006 Adam Glazer
2005 Shannon Jones
2004 Ann Duesing
2003 Paula Raimondo
2002 Barbara Kohler
2001 Lynn Eades
2000 Patricia Hammond
1999 Jane Trumbull
1998 Beverly Murphy
Diane McKenzie
1997 Anne Humphries
1996 Brenda Seago
1995 Jonathan Lord
1994 Susie Speer
1993 Maggie Demchuk
1992 Marguerite Abel
Jill Mayer
Steve Squires
1991 Michelle Chatfield
M.J. Tooey
1990 Julia Shaw-Kokot
Maggie Demchuk
Elaine Martin
1989 Sherry Anderson
Lynne Turman
Lenore Schnaitman