Bob Ladd to retire January 1, 2019

Bob Ladd, media and instructional design specialist, will retire from the Health Sciences Library at the University Libraries, effective January 1, 2019. December 21, 2018, will be his last day at work.

Interview by Judy Panitch of the UNC-Chapel Hill University Libraries

Where are you from? Where did you grow up?

I grew up in Maryland, and have an MA Education degree from the University of Maryland. 

What is your professional background? How did you end up in libraries? At Carolina? 

In my professional career, I started out as a technical writer and created software documentation, starting at GTE in Reston, Virginia. In 1988, I moved to California and worked as a tech writer for HP and other tech companies. I moved to North Carolina in 1993, and started working as an instructional designer for the School of Nursing. Then around 1997 I started working on a contract for the Health Sciences Library, and then got a permanent position at HSL around 1998.

Do you have any work projects or experiences that were especially memorable or meaningful to you?

At HSL I’ve done a lot of photography, video, and design projects, including posters, tutorials, and publicity pieces. I did the visual design for the original online Evidence-Based Medicine (now Evidence-Based Practice) tutorial (a Duke/UNC-Chapel Hill collaboration with Connie Schardt and Jill Mayer). I designed the MAC logo and the MAC blog. I’ve also created and edited numerous videos, including for a grant HSL contributed to in collaboration with the UNC Human Auditory Development Laboratory (HADLAB) published in the JOVE online video journal.

What are your plans for retirement?

I’m planning to take some time off, work on photography projects, do a lot of reading, and spend more time enjoying the outdoors.

Thank you for your service, Bob! Congratulations on your retirement!


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