Call for Book Proposals: Cultural Humility in the Health Sciences Library

The MLA Books Panel is seeking author(s) or editor(s) for a book on topics related to cultural humility, “Cultural Humility in the Health Sciences Library.” Cultural humility “incorporates a lifelong commitment to self-evaluation and self-critique…and to developing mutually beneficial and nonpaternalistic clinical and advocacy partnerships with communities on behalf of individuals and defined populations.[1]”

The content in this book will answer questions like: How can health sciences librarians engage in and promote culturally humble work in their libraries and institutions as a whole? How can health sciences librarians work towards cultural competence with their patrons, students, nurses, clinicians, patients, or the researchers they support? How can health sciences librarians incorporate cultural humility in their day to day work? Chapter content can include ways to integrate topics into medical or undergraduate curriculum, collection development, community outreach, exhibits, and more.

Possible chapter topics include:

*   Race and medicine
*   Anti-racism
*   Health disparities
*   LGBTQ+ health
*   Trans inclusivity
*   Refugee health
*   Native/indigenous health
*   Rural health
*   Urban health
*   Supporting disability

You may write the book by yourself, or edit the book and seek contributions from other health sciences librarians or information professionals.  We describe the submission process at Publish a Book with MLA<>.  To begin the process, submit your completed step 1 form<> to Martha Lara<> (<>) at MLA by November 17. If you have questions about serving as the editor or the author of the entire volume, please contact<>. We cannot consider contributions of individual chapters at this time.

[1] Tervalon, M., & Murray-García, J. (1998). Cultural Humility Versus Cultural Competence: A Critical Distinction in Defining Physician Training Outcomes in Multicultural Education. Journal of Health Care for the Poor and Underserved 9(2), 117-125.  doi:10.1353/hpu.2010.0233<>.

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