Call for Book Proposals: Planning and Promoting Library Events

A great way to bring more patrons into the library is to create events allowing librarians to highlight their resources and services offered. The planning stages are essential for a successful event. After planning, librarians need to know how to promote and market the event. Following the event, the evaluation process begins to determine the success level of the event. There are many roles librarians can play in regards to creating an event, whether it be participating in the planning, promotion, or evaluation stages.

The MLA Books Panel is seeking editor(s) or author(s) for a monograph that provides guidance to librarians on how to plan and promote events. This book will ideally become a reference on how to successfully plan and promote library events as well as how to evaluate. It can include examples and case studies about how libraries planned and promoted their event along with lessons learned. Topics for the monograph could include:

*         Different planning stages of an event

*         How to start planning an event

*         How to create a budget

*         Finding funding

*         What steps librarians need to take in the planning process in order for the event to be successful

*         How to choose your event topic for your selected audience

*         How to publicize and market events

*         The best ways to advertise the event, such as using flyers or solely using digital formats

*         Creative ways to promote the event

*         How to promote with little or no budget

*         How to evaluate an event

*         Tools libraries can use to evaluate their success

*         What to do with feedback from events

Step one consists of submitting a completed Book Proposal: Step 1 Form to Martha Lara with MLA by January 22, 2019. If you are interested and have additional questions, please contact Kelsey Grabeel>, AHIP. At this time, the Books Panel is seeking an author or editor; chapter contributions cannot be considered until an editor has been chosen.

For more information on the MLA publishing process, please visit Publish a Book with MLA.


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