Call for MAC Officer Nominations

The MAC Nominating Committee is seeking your suggestions for nominees for the following MAC offices:

  • Chair Elect/Chair/Immediate Past Chair (Three year term to begin October 2016)


  • Treasurer (Three year term to begin January 2017)


  • MAC Nominee to the MLA Nominating Committee (One year term)
    • The winner is forwarded to MLA Chapter Council. Chapter Council then votes and the 6 candidates who receive the highest number of votes with be the nominees for Chapter Council
    • If you are chosen via the MLA Election to the Nominating Committee,  you must be able to attend the 2018 MLA Annual Meeting in Atlanta, GA


Please send the names of possible candidates, including yourself, along with a brief justification to:


Ryan Harris, Nominating Chair



If you do have suggestions, please let us know by May 6th, 2016 so that we can finalize the slate.  The Election will be held in August, 2016.


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