Call for Reviewers: Biomedical and Health Research Data Management Training for Librarians

Are you an information professional experienced in research data management? Are you eager to share your knowledge with others and help expand the community of data librarians? The National Network of Libraries of Medicine Training Office has several opportunities for you to contribute to shaping a new training experience specifically for librarians.

This training is an 8-week online class with engaging lessons and practical activities, starting in January 2018. Students will complete a capstone project at the end of the course and the experience will culminate in a Capstone Summit at NIH on April 10-11, 2018.

Modules for the course may include, but are not limited to the following core research data management (RDM) areas:

1. Data Lifecycle and RDM Overview
2. Data Documentation
3. Data Wrangling
4. Data Standards, Taxonomies, and Ontologies
5. Data Security, Storage, and Preservation
6. Data Sharing and Publishing
7. Data Management Plans
8. RDM at Your Institution

We are looking for experienced data librarians to participate in this project as module reviewers, co-teachers, and/or mentors. You may (and are encouraged to) apply for more than one role, and for more than one module.

• Reviewers: Critique module content, test exercises, make suggestions, add resources. Deliverable: written report of findings. (Due Nov 30) Paid $250.

• Co-Teachers: Assigned to one or more modules. Work with course facilitator to create a case study related to module topic (due Nov 15). Provide feedback on student assignments and answer questions for your module(s) in a timely manner during the course (Jan-March 2018). Deliverables: Case study by deadline, written report of suggestions for class improvement (due April 2, 2018). Paid $750.

• Mentors: Participate in class discussions, sharing expertise as needed, during the course (January – March 2018). Provide at least 2 mentoring sessions to each assigned student (4-5) for completing the Capstone project, attend and participate in the Capstone Summit. Deliverables: written report of experience as mentor, suggestions for program improvement and sustainability of project. Paid $1250, and travel support to Capstone Summit up to $1250.

All reviewers, co-teachers, and mentors will be required to submit a W-9. Those receiving $1000 or more will also be required to complete a contract with the University of Utah.

Please submit your application via online form by October 20, 2017:

Application Includes:
• Name
• Current Role/Title
• Place of Employment
• Please briefly describe your area(s) of interest, research, or primary expertise in data management.
• Please summarize your qualifications to serve as a content reviewer, co-teacher, and/or mentor for this research data management class.
• Indicate which modules you would like to serve as a content reviewer and/or co-teacher.
• Would you like to serve as a mentor for 4-5 students in completing the Capstone Project?
• Curriculum vitae (attachment)

For questions, please contact:
Shirley Zhao, Training Development Specialist:


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