CE great — On to the welcoming reception

I attended the CE session “Librarian as a Professional, or How I loved to stop worrying and love complexity” at the Friday Center this afternoon and it was fabulous! I am now at the Carolina Inn posting from one of the computers down the hall from the Hill Ballroom. Another tip on parking — if you are coming from the Friday Center, you can take 54 as it turns into South Road, cross over Columbia Street as the road changes names to McCauley, then turn left into the parking deck after the frat house but before you would turn left onto Pittsboro Street. It is under the FedEx Global Health building and reopens to public use at 5 p.m. When you walk out of the parking deck, cross over Pittsboro St and walk north on the sidewalk towards the Carolina Inn. You will have to cross Pittsboro Street again, but better than walking in the road. We are truly the University of Neverending Construction — but this is a repair so I’m told, not new construction.

See you there!

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