Charleston Conference: Issues in Book and Serial: health sciences related sessions

Hopefully, many people have been able to attend the regional MLA conferences this fall. They provide a great opportunity to network in a smaller group and to also have some longer discussions with vendor and publisher reps.

Another fall conference tradition is the Charleston Conference: Issues in Book and Serial Acquisitions. The next one will be November 6-10, 2017. There are a number of health sciences librarians speaking on health sciences collection management and scholarly publishing topics sprinkled in the Charleston Conference program this year, in concurrent sessions, poster sessions, lightning rounds:…Here’s a sampling:

Where Are We? Providing Information for the Clinical Enterprise (17th Health Sciences Lively Lunch) – please RSVP If you will be at the Charleston Conference and interested in attending the 17th Health Sciences Lively Lunch on Friday @ 12:30 pm, please RSVP. The session is open to all conference goers; the RSVP is so our lunch host, Rittenhouse, can get an accurate head count for the boxed lunch. Come join panelists from three different academic health science libraries and the no holds barred discussion that is an integral part of the session. The RSVP link is embedded in the online schedule: (this year, we’ll cover the academic health sciences library perspective on issues, challenges in serving the information needs of affiliated hospitals and the clinical enterprise…)

Other sessions

*         Check out the panel on publication ethics in which the president of MLA, Barbara Epstein (University of Pittsburgh) will be speaking:

*         There will be 2 health sciences librarians’ presentations in this lightning round session: (Prelude to a Health Sciences Library Assessment: Introducing the Woodward Model (Jean Gudenas; Creative acquisition practices for funding clinical resources in an academic health sciences library (Pamela Bradigan, Joe Payne)

*         Here are two sample poster sessions topics 21 Impact of Joining EAST on our Health Sciences Library (Frances Foret; Siamak Samiean and First Aid for Student Costs: Helping Nursing Faculty Reduce Textbook Purchase Requirements (Lea Leininger

STM (Scientific, Technical, Medical) publishers actively participate in presentations, too. And so much more…

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