MAC/RAC is responding to Members’ interest in tools for finding and networking with other members interested in research with the MAC Group on LinkedIn. We invite all MAC members who are interested in research and assesment to join the group!

To help facilitate networking amongst members we ask that everyone who joins updates the following items in their LinkedIn account profile settings:

  • (Log into LinkedIn. Click on “Edit Profile” which is found under ‘Profile’ in the top toolbar. Scroll down to find the settings listed below and click the ‘Edit’ link next to each item to make changes.)

Additional Information:

In this section we ask you to describe any interests or experience you have related to research and assessment.
Examples include:
Methods: needs assessment, focus groups, surveys, evaluations, observation…
Topics: information literacy, instruction, collections, EBM/EBP, librarianship, minorities, Nursing, data management, networking…
Settings: hospital library, academic library…

Contact Preferences

Expertise requests
If you have experience doing any type of research or assessment and are willing to mentor or give advice to others, please select this option under your Contact Settings.

Career opportunities & New ventures
If you are looking for collaborators or mentors for a research or assessment project, select these options under your Contact Settings.

Please feel free once you join to start a discussion or share ideas and information with the Group.

New to LinkedIn? Explore the New Users Guide and get started today!

If you have suggestions for promoting the Group or improving networking amongst members, please let us know!