Dine-Arounds at Quad Chapter Meeting

While attending the MLA Quad Chapter meeting consider signing up for a Dine-Around and connecting with other attendees over a fantastic meal. Local librarians have selected restaurants to fit a variety of tastes. Want a chance to get over to Fells Point and the waterfront, sign up for Kooper’s Tavern. Want to experience the Inner Harbor, go to Phillip’s. Never tried Afghani food, then go to the Helmand.
Dine-Around Restaurants:
Akbar  – Indian Cuisine http://www.akbar-restaurant.com/
Helmand – Afghani  http://www.helmand.com/
Sotta Sopra – Modern Italian http://sottosoprainc.com/
Koopers Tavern – http://kooperstavern.com/
You can sign up for Dine-Arounds at the Local Arrangements table, located in the Roman Strada on the 2nd Floor of the Tremont Grand starting on Saturday October 13th. All Dine-Arounds will take place Sunday evening  6pm.
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