From the Chair…Brrrr!

As I work at home on a cold, blustery winter morning, a deep chill has descended upon the territory of our chapter. The current temperature in our southeastern corner (Wilmington, NC) is 22 degrees Fahrenheit. Here in Pittsburgh, we are “looking forward” to five degrees below zero temperatures on Tuesday…

Despite the miserable weather, this is a great time of the year for the Mid-Atlantic Chapter!

Plans are heating up for MAC’s annual meeting October 19-22, in Alexandria, Virginia. Meeting co-chairs Toni Yancey and Mary Hyde have been hard at work with their growing force of volunteers, putting together another great annual meeting. Also, the MAC Board is planning to meet in Pittsburgh on Friday, February 7. If you have any suggestion for the board I encourage you to send me an email (

It’s also a great time of the year for our libraries. Regardless of the weather, the clinicians, students, and faculty we serve continue to have great need for the information resources, services, and expertise we provide as medical librarians.

When you’re stuck inside, explore how you can play a more integral part in helping your university or hospital fulfill its mission. Look for institutional initiatives that enable you to make contributions using your unique skills and expertise. Volunteer to serve on committees that will benefit from the library’s collections, computing, and services. By focusing ways the library can help the institution achieve its goals, you will ultimately solidify the library’s position within the organization.

Even though this winter seems endless, it won’t be here much longer. Let’s use this time to improve ourselves, our libraries, and our chapter. For when winter comes, can spring be far behind?

David Nolfi, Chair

Mid-Atlantic Chapter, MLA

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