Jim Curtis Returns to HSL at UNC-Chapel Hill

(Sidebar photo of Jim Curtis: R. Ladd)

From the UNC-Chapel Hill Health Sciences Library E-News (Ginny Bunch, Editor):

At the UNC-Chapel Hill Health Sciences Library, the New Year has brought with it a new Deputy Director! We are pleased to share the news that Jim Curtis has rejoined the UNC Health Sciences Library as our Deputy Director. He is no stranger to UNC or to our library, having served us for over a decade as Assistant and Associate Director before leaving in 2004 to become the Director of the Savitt Medical Library and Information Technology Services at the University of Nevada School of Medicine in Reno. He oversaw the growth of medical library services on both Reno and Las Vegas campuses, and expanded library outreach activities throughout the state and region.

In his former position at UNC, Mr. Curtis led the library’s major building renovation completed in 2004. We are excited that he is returning to occupy the office he never moved into! Regarding his return, he says, “I am glad to find that, Thomas Wolfe not withstanding, you can go home again. I am delighted to be back at the Health Sciences Library at UNC. It is very much like coming home… only to a home I never quite got the chance to live in, and to a position that presents many new opportunities. I look forward very much to an exciting, rewarding future, and to working with the very best colleagues with whom one could hope to be associated.”

As the Deputy Director, Mr. Curtis will work closely with Library Director, Carol Jenkins, to help lead us toward our vision of being a global health information partner serving the University, the state, and the world. He will help create the library’s strategic objectives and set priorities, guide library programs and services, and work to enable optimal overall library performance.

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