Job posting: Biomedical Indexer, Bethesda, MD

LAC Group is seeking an experienced Biomedical Indexer to work with a major Federal Agency in Bethesda, MD. The major effort required for indexing is the intellectual analysis of journal articles for the subject matter and the application of appropriate subject terms drawn from the agency’s controlled vocabulary, MeSH. This is a long term contract position and can be full-time or part-time. This role can be performed remotely, from anywhere in the US.


– Learn and/or modify system required to continue successful indexing
– Create links to other databases which entails the creation of an
annotated link between a record in the PubMed database and Medline citation
– Perform subject analysis and indexing of a journal article
– Recognize that an article requires gene indexing when the main point
is basic genetic, chemical, or functional information about a gene or
– Must identify the appropriate record in the gene database and create a
link between the gene record and the Medline citation
– Create a short statement or sentence fragment, often extracted
directly from the abstract or article text, that describes the new
information about the gene or protein that is reported in the article
– Add a data creation error flag in the system for quality assurance
staff’s attention if an error is found
– Check article titles for proper Medline format and verify that the
article in the system matches the article in the journal
– Other responsibilities include: Article selection in selective
journals, subject indexing using MeSH terms, Indexing publication types,
system online validations, chemical indexing and chemical query flags, and
indexing comments, errata, and retractions


– Bachelors degree with a major in the biological sciences, or equivalent
– Familiar with medical indexing manual, other indexing aids, and MeSH
– Must have experience with PubMed and Medline
– Must be able to recognize if the main point of an article is gene or
– Must be able to determine if organism for the gene or protein is
represented in Gene

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