JOB POSTING: Librarian (Medical Sciences), Falls Church VA

This position is open to Federal Employees. Overview and application information are here:

About the Position: This position is with the US Army Medical Command (MEDCOM), Patient Care Integration, Patient Administration Division located in Falls Church, VA.

*         Responsible for the full scope of library operations, administration, and program management of the USA MEDCOM (Medical Command) Library System.

*         Provide technical guidance, consultation and training for the staff of USA MEDCOM and its major subordinate commands’ full-service libraries.

*         Develop contract specifications, provision of technical advice to the contract officer, and the performance of Contracting Officer Technical Representative (COTR) functions.

*         Webmaster administrator of the USA MEDCOM Library System’s Virtual Library and the milSuite site for AMEDD MEDLI-NET (Medical Library and Information Network) member libraries Websites.

*         Conduct staff assistance and site visits to USA MEDCOM libraries throughout the Army, and worldwide, analyzing activities, programs, and personnel.

*         Provide evaluations, recommendations, and solutions to commanders related to medical library policy and functions.

*         Direct the Command’s DA ACTEDS (Army Civilian Training, Education, and Development System) short-term and competitive training opportunities.

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