Job Posting: Opportunities at the NIH Library: Informationists


It is now possible to submit applications on USAJOBS for our general informationist and our bioinformatics informationist positions (through May 17). Our data services informationist positions will be open for applications on USAJOBS from May 20 to May 29. Applying for multiple positions is encouraged.

Librarian (Informationist) GS-1410-11/12/13 announcement; dates: 5/8-5/17 Merit announcement: # NIH-ORS-MP-20-10733457 and link:
DE announcement: # NIH-ORS-DE-20-10733379 and link:

Technical Information Specialist (Bioinformatics Informationist) GS-1412-13 announcement: dates 5/8-5/17 Merit announcement: # NIH-ORS-MP-20-10740074 and link:
DE announcement: # NIH-ORS-DE-20-10740063 and link:

Technical Information Specialist (Data Services Informationist) GS-1412-11/12/13 announcement; dates 5/20-5/29 Merit announcement: # NIH-ORS-MP-20-10810782 DE announcement: # NIH-ORS-DE-20-10810771

Each of the three types of informationist opportunities has two postings on USAJOBS. Current or former federal employees may apply to the merit promotion (MP) posting. All applicants, including the general public and current or former federal employees, may apply to the delegating examining (DE) posting.

Thank you,

John P. Doyle, MSI
Chief, Information Architecture Branch
National Institutes of Health Library
Division of Library Services
Office of Research Services
Bldg 10, 1L-19A, MSC 1150
Bethesda, MD 20892
Office: 301-827-3839
Cell: 301-841-5043

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