Job posting: Technical Information Specialist, Bethesda, MD

The following position announcements will be posted on
from Thursday, October 17, 2019 to Saturday, October 26, 2019.

The position announcement is for a Technical Information Specialist
GS-1412-13 position, with a salary range from $99,172 to $128,920 per year.

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This position provides leadership and direction, as well as maintenance of
daily operations, for the MedlinePlus en español website. Maintains
advanced knowledge of consumer health, health literacy, and electronic
information delivery. Works closely with a team to plan and synchronize
content between and Spanish and English versions of MedlinePlus.
Coordinates contractor staff, assigning tasks and performing quality
control for deliverables. Serves as the primary editor for the project’s
Spanish-language social media feeds and Newsletter. Establishes and
enforces translation standards and vocabulary for MedlinePlus en español.
Manages other translation-related tasks and requests from inside and
outside NLM, including evaluating translations from licensed content
vendors and the NIH MedlinePlus Magazine.

Please contact Stephanie Morrison, Head, Health & information Products Unit
in the Reference & Web Services Section, at
with questions about the position.

Links to the USAJOBS listings:

*Technical Information Specialist – Bilingual – Spanish (DE) *

*Job Announcement Number: *NIH-NLM-DE-20-10598642

DE stands for delegated examining. Typically, candidates who are entering
Federal service for the first time from the private sector will need to
apply for delegated examining positions.

*Technical Information Specialist – Bilingual – Spanish (MP) *

*Job Announcement Number: *NIH-NLM-MP-20-10599391

MP stands for merit promotion. Applicants for MP announcements must be
qualified current or former federal employees.

In addition to an interesting, challenging work environment, NLM has a
great location on the campus of the National Institutes of Health in
Bethesda, Maryland. A Metro subway station (Medical Center on the Red Line)
and bus stops on the NIH campus provide access to DC, suburban Maryland,
and Northern Virginia. To learn more about working at NLM see the NLM
careers page.

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