Journal Club: Queering Environmental Justice

We hope you will join us on Tuesday June 14, 2022, 2pm ET for another Chat & Brew.

In observance of Pride month, NNLM Region 1, UMB HSHSL DEI Committee and the MAC MLA Diversity and Inclusion Committee have come together again to offer another journal club where we will discuss Queering Environmental Justice: Unequal Environmental Health Burden on the LGBTQ+ Community.

This article highlights that there is insufficient research on health disparities experienced by LGBTQ+ individuals due to environmental exposures and disasters. The authors provide linkages between health outcomes, social determinants of health and environmental exposures taking into account intersectionality within LGBTQ+ communities and provide recommendations for collecting more robust data so more comprehensive research may be done.

Goldsmith L, Bell ML. Queering Environmental Justice: Unequal Environmental Health Burden on the LGBTQ+ Community. American Journal of Public Health. 2022;112(1):79-87. doi:10.2105/ajph.2021.306406

At the end of this discussion, participants will be able to:

  • Define environmental justice (EJ)
  • Discuss ways libraries/librarians can contribute to environmental health & justice research

The questions

Where do you see libraries and/or librarians contributing to any of the recommendations proposed by the authors?

What is the role of academic/medical librarians (MLA? Individual institutions? Librarians as a profession?) in addressing gaps in environmental research and data especially as it pertains to specific populations?

We look forward to seeing you!

You may register for this event here.

Thank you.

April Wright, Shanell Stephens and the MAC MLA D&I Committee



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