Journal usage survey for MLA committee to review Core Clinical Journals Reminder

The members of the MLA Ad Hoc Committee to Review Core Clinical Journals are gathering data on journal usage to inform our recommendations. The charge of our committee is to produce a new core clinical journal list as well as documenting the review process and making recommendations for future reviews.

We are gathering a number of metrics to guide us on this project, including data on journal usage by clinicians at primary access libraries. Primary access libraries include hospital libraries and other Network members other than RMLs and RLs. These libraries represent the health professional’s first point of access to the NN/LM.

If you fit this description, we would like to encourage you to use your COUNTER data and share with us your top 10 highest used e-journals using our online form:

We sincerely appreciate your time and hope to use the information to guide our committee in making recommendations. We will be closing the survey on Monday, November 23rd, so please get your data in by that date.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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