MAC Roundtable Luncheon 2011

MAC Roundtable Luncheon 2011 – Tuesday, October 11th  12:15 pm – 1:30 pm
Attend the MAC Roundtable Luncheon for informal discussions on a variety of topics.  Facilitators and recorders will be at each table to initiate discussion and to document the discussion for posting on the MAC website.   Facilitators and recorders earn one point toward membership in the Academy of Health Information Professionals (AHIP) for serving in these roles. If you would like to share your skills and expertise as a facilitator or a recorder, please email Lois Culler at
The topics for discussion are listed below with a brief annotation explaining the intended material to be discussed.  Perhaps one of the meeting sessions sparked a shared interest in a topic not listed here.  To encourage further information sharing opportunities for these situations, there will be two tables at the luncheon available for “free discussion.” 
1.     E-Books — Discuss the success stories and challenges of integrating e-books into your library collection and encouraging use.
 2.   Electronic Medical Records and Meaningful Use– Role of the Library — Share your experiences with integrating library resources into the electronic medical record or other successes with EMRs.
 3.   Supporting Evidence Based Nursing Practice — Share how nurses are using EBN in your institutions and discuss the librarian’s role.
 4.   Expert Searching — Discuss expert searching best practices and ways to promote this valuable service to your users.  Share ways for new medical librarians to get sufficient training and experience to serve in the expert searcher role.
 5.   Health Literacy and Community Outreach — About one third of the adult population in the United States has limited health literacy.  Share your experiences with overcoming literacy barriers of consumers and educating clinicians about the health literacy epidemic.
6.   How to Stay Current with New Technologies — Blogs, RSS feeds, podcasts, etc.  Learn how you can stay current with these new technologies.
7.   Instruction Techniques and Creating Web-Based Learning Content — How do you engage your students?  Candy, Lady Gaga music, group tasks?  Share your creative instruction techniques.  What method of instruction (in-person, online, etc.) works best to convey your course content?

8.   Integrating You or the Library Into the Curriculum — Come share your ideas and experiences with integrating you or the library into the curriculum at your institution.

9.   Liaisons Stepping Out of the Library / Embedded Librarians — Do you have a successful liaison program or do you want to start one?  Are you currently acting as an embedded librarian in a research or clinical setting?   Come share your ideas and experiences

10.  Marketing Library Services — Even though libraries are traditionally not in the business of selling goods, marketing is still important to get your customers aware of what you have to offer.  Share your ideas and success stories.

11.   Measuring Success/ROI/Showing the Value of Your Library — Learn strategies to prove the dollars spent on your library had a positive impact on your organization. 
12.   Mobile Technologies for Medical Libraries — Discuss how librarians/libraries are reaching out to mobile users and learn what applications and resources are available for mobile technologies.

13.   New and Emerging Roles for Medical Librarians — Come to discuss how Medical Librarianship continues to evolve into new and changing roles. 

14.   Research for Librarians — Health science librarians can make positive contributions through research.  Share your experience with conducting research and get tips from others.

15.  Social Networking for Medical Libraries — Share strategies for how libraries are using social networking tools to better serve their users. 
16.  Teaching Evidence-Based Medicine — Share your experiences with teaching students and residents about searching for the current best evidence to care for patients. 

17.   Supporting Biomedical or Nurse Researchers – Share with others your successes in supporting researchers of all kinds in your institution.

18.   Disaster Planning for the Medical Library – Come to learn about planning efforts across the region and learn what you can do in your library to be ready to face a disaster.
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