MAC Spotlight: Diana McDuffee

Diana McDuffee (photo: Adam Gori)

From Amy Blevins:

This month features our current MAC Chair Diana McDuffee. As always, if you would like to participate in Spotlight on MAC or have ideas for new questions for future participants, please feel free to email Amy Blevins,

1.      How long have you been a librarian?

I have been a librarian at UNC Chapel Hill for 29 years.  I joined the Health Sciences Library in 1990. Prior to that time I was the Director of the Social Science Data Library at the Institute for Research in Social Science (IRSS) on the academic side of campus at UNC Chapel Hill.

2.      How did you get into this field?

I worked for Louisville (KY) Free Public Library from the time I was 14 and then summers when I was in college.  I couldn’t imagine a more wonderful job than being paid to keep up with new books and to read The New York Times Book Review  so I wanted to be a public librarian.  However while working as a library assistant at Georgetown University Medical Library I discovered Medline, computers,  and information retrieval systems so I headed down a new path when I enrolled in the Master’s Program in Library Sciences at UNC Chapel Hill. At IRSS  I was able to combine both the public service side of librarianship with using computerized information and systems at a time when that was fairly unique.

3.      How long have you been a member of MAC?

Since 1990.

4.      If someone asked you for one reason to join MAC, what would you say?

The MAC organization, as well as MLA, brings together this community of librarians who combine the academic library world and the special library world with a focus on health sciences.    While we can draw a lot from each of the other library groups, I think MAC allows us to share ideas and improve our common interest.

5.      Could you tell me a little about your current position and what you do?

My current position is head of the AHEC and Outreach Services department at the Health Sciences Library, UNC Chapel Hill.  I am the Network Director for the NC AHEC Program’s library system.  I work with the 9 regional AHEC Library Directors to coordinate services to community health care providers, health sciences students on rotation throughout the state, and off-campus faculty, medical residents and students in distance education programs.    We have developed the NC AHEC Digital Library to support the NC AHEC constituency throughout the state including consortium purchasing for 30 North Carolina hospitals.  Also, my department is the home for NC Health Info which began as the prototype for MedlinePlus Go Local.  NC Health Info is a statewide consumer health resource linking to the most trusted health information and local health resources selected by librarians from all four NC medical schools, AHEC, and public libraries.

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