Majors/MLA Chapter Project of the Year. Due date Nov 1, 2017

The Majors/MLA Chapter Project of the Year Award, sponsored by J.A. Majors, was established by the MLA Board of Directors in 1995. This award recognizes excellence, innovation, and contribution to the profession of health sciences librarianship. These attributes must be shown through special projects beyond the normal operational programming of the chapter.

The chair of the recipient chapter will be notified in March before the annual meeting at which the presentation will be made. The recipient chapter receives a certificate at the annual meeting and a cash award of $500 after the annual meeting. The cash award is earmarked for enhancing the programming of the recipient chapter’s annual or regular membership meeting. The recipient chapter’s representative assumes all costs of attending the meeting and the ceremony at which the presentation is made. If there are no appropriate projects, the association may elect not to present the award in a given year.

For criteria, application, and a listing of past recipients see here:<>

The due date for applications is November 1st, 2017.

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