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The MLA Books Panel is seeking an author/editor for the following proposed monograph:


Grant Writing for Academic and Institutional Libraries

Generating outside sources of income for libraries can provide important sources of revenue for libraries of all types.  Obtaining grant funding is often an overlooked alternative method of creating income to fund one-time and on-going library projects and programs. Therefore, the MLA Books Panel seeks to publish a book on grant writing that will have particular relevance for librarians, especially medical librarians.  While there are many websites devoted to the topic, some even specifically library-oriented, such as  and , there is a need for a comprehensive, single source that covers all aspects of grantsmanship from generating ideas for proposals, elaborating and creating detail for a proposal, locating appropriate grant sources, completing the grant application process and evaluating the completed project.


Questions that should be answered by such a book include but are not limited to:

How can I find available grants?

What do I need to know to get a grant?

What are funders looking for in grant applications?

What are the tips for writing a successful grant?

How do I build a budget for my grant request?

How can I tailor my request to each specific funder?

How can I find non-library resources to support my efforts?  How do I make sure I am fulfilling their expectations for a grant proposal?

What should go into a cover letter?

How close does my application have to match to the funders ideas for funding?

How much detail should I include?  How much should I assume the funder knows about libraries?

How can I find out what funders really want to know and want to fund?

What should I tell potential funders about evaluating my project?

How do I work with local institutional offices involved in funding?

What do I have to do after I get funding?

How do I fulfill reporting requirements?

What do I need to know about grant management?

This monograph may be an edited volume with several contributors or a single author effort.  If you are interested in being the author, the editor or a contributor, or have any questions about this potential project, please contact a member of the Books Panel, or myself: Michel Atlas at<>


For more information about MLA’s publishing efforts and process please visit the FAQ page at





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