MLA Chapter Project of the Year!

I am very pleased to announce that MAC has been awarded the 2018 Majors/MLA Chapter Project of the Year for the MAC Diversity Task Force: Exploring ways to promote diversity and inclusion in medical librarianship and MAC membership!  Brenda Linares has done a fantastic job leading the task force on this important project.

According to Beverly Murphy, the MLA Diversity & Inclusion Task Force is using MAC’s work as a resource and model for their work. Additionally, the work of the Task Force will be highlighted in a book that Shannon Jones and Beverly are co-editing, Diversity & Inclusion in Libraries, due for publication by the end of 2018/early 2019.

Congratulations, again, to Brenda and the rest of the task force members: Ene Belleh, Carenado Davis, Beverly Murphy, Tony Nguyen, and Carolyn Schubert!

Julie Silverman
MAC Chair


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