MLA’18 Meeting – We Need You!

MLA is switching things up a little at the MLA’18 Tuesday night dinner, and needs your help. This year, will be celebrating the academic and professional achievements of our members during the meeting plenary sessions, and clearing the stage for our members to display their true talents in singing, acting, poetry, jamming or whatever else, as individuals or groups.

Yes, the 2018 President’s dinner will feature a member talent show, with 5 minute acts interspersed throughout the evening. The idea here is to have fun.

We are looking to identify a few highly motivated members who can help staff organize this Talent Show, as committee members and/or MCs. Please contact Maria Lopez by January 5th, with your suggestions of “volunteers”, and we will reach out to them. Don’t hesitate to also share names of people who you could envision on stage, so we can get a head start. Also think of group acts by chapter members, or MLA communities, as the over-arching theme of the dinner will be community engagement.


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