My Favorite Tool: Changes to Recruitment Timeline and Updates (Read Carefully, Update Your Calendars)

The My Favorite Tool Think Tank, which is composed of former contestants, judges, and audience members, met and we agreed on the following changes to the recruitment procedures and timeline for the 2020 My Favorite Tool Session:

Recruitment Timeline Changes

Contestant Sign-Up Opens: January 8th at 12:30 pm EST, 20 available spots

*   We encourage you to have your top 3 tools ready and consult the 2018 and 2019 tools list<> to be sure your tool is not on either list! 2020 Contestants will get an email from Margaret Hoogland (<>) shortly after submission.

Moderator Applications Open: January 22nd at 12:30 pm EST

*   We will take 5 moderators. Moderators will write a maximum of 200 words describing why they are qualified and why they want to participate as a My Favorite Tool moderator.
*   After selecting the moderators, each one will be assigned a “tool league” and draft appropriate questions to ask contestants post-3 minute presentations. The Think Tank will review the questions. Once approved, contestants will see the questions for the appropriate tool league.

Session Timeline Changes

*   We will have presentations by 15 contestants. Each will last 3 minutes – yes, we are sticklers about time! They will not be providing live demonstrations of the tools and we will not be providing a virtual contestant or virtual attendance options.

*   The Audience, Moderators, and Contestants will vote using the same rubric for up to 5 minutes. Then, contestants will move to the appropriate league table to participate in moderated discussions.

*   Moderated Tool League Discussions give contestants, moderators, and audience members a chance to participate in a more in-depth conversation about the tool they selected. If time allows, audience members may ask follow-up questions of contestants.

*   Prize Distribution – after tallying the votes, the session moderator will award 3 prizes to the 3 tools chose by the My Favorite Tool Session participants. Contestants must stay for the entire session to be eligible for prizes.

If you have any questions about the recruitment timeline or procedures, please email  (<>).

Many Thanks and Happy Holidays,

Margaret Hoogland

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