Preliminary Job Announcement: Unit Head, MEDLARS Management Section, Bibliographic Services Division at NLM

We anticipate that on Thursday December 5th, there will be an announcement on for the Bibliographic Data Management Unit Head, MEDLARS Management Section of the Bibliographic Services Division position at the National Library of Medicine. The position will be listed as a Supervisory Technical Information Specialist GS-1412-13, with a salary range from $89,033 to $115,742 including locality pay per annum. The announcement will be posted for five days. This brief posting period is because of the federal government’s interest in accelerating the hiring process and should not be interpreted as an indication that someone has already been selected.

The selected candidate will serve as the Bibliographic Data Management Unit Head for the MEDLARS Management Section (MMS), Bibliographic Services Division, within the National Library of Medicine. The MMS Section coordinates activities between NLM and its online users providing documentation, technical information, and training; responds to advanced customer service inquires; coordinates testing, quality assurance and development of MEDLINE data; licenses and distributes NLM data; coordinates Unified Medical Language System (UMLS) activities; and systematically and logistically supports the NLM Literature Selection Technical Review Committee (LSTRC) review of journals for inclusion in MEDLINE.

The Head of this Unit provides expert technical and data content quality assurance oversight for various library systems and NLM databases and information retrieval systems. The major duties and responsibilities include:

• Directing the work of the Unit;
• Serving as the resident export and authority on library systems, databases, information standards, Internet application or network services as they pertain to acquiring, organizing, accessing, and disseminating information;
• Serves as a Section liaison to one or more standing working groups within the library to support the Section’s mission;
• Serves as technical expert with at least one of the NLM products/services the Section supports including: MEDLINE/PubMed database, UMLS, LinkOut, specialized data; NLM Literature Selection Technical Review Committee (LSTRC) system, NIH Manuscript Submission System, and;
• Serves as a specialist in information and automation technologies and their application to library and information systems and the development of new products and services; and
• Proficiency in data collection, evaluation and analysis methods

In addition to an interesting, challenging work environment, NLM has a great location on the campus of the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Maryland. It is a short Metro ride from Washington D.C. and a short walk from Bethesda’s thriving restaurant and retail district.

Please contact Sara Tybaert, Head, MEDLARS Management Section at 301.496.7717 or with questions.

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