September/October 1998

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International Anyone?

by Donna Flake, Co-Chair, Membership Committee,
International Cooperation Section/MLA

For many years, I have been heavily involved with the International Cooperation Section of MLA. The pleasures and rewards of this work have been tremendously important to me. I want to encourage you to pay the $10 extra above the regular MLA dues to joint this dynamic and fascinating section of MLA.

My experience with the International Cooperation Section

My first involvement with the International Cooperation Committee (forerunner of the International Cooperation Section), was being asked to join when I returned from a six month medical library job exchange in England in 1984. I was delighted to join this dynamic and passionate group of librarians who cared deeply about the cause of international cooperation. In 1989, the International Cooperation Committee was dissolved, and the new International Cooperation Section came into existence.

One result of my international efforts was that in 1986, in 1988, and in 1992, I visited England to present papers or poster sessions at the Medical Health, and Welfare Librarians Group (which was recently renamed the Health Librarians Group). In 1991, I was asked to present the keynote address at the Second Annual CD-ROM Conference in Tokyo.

Over the years, I have done a great deal of work with the International Cooperation Section. Twice I served as a member of the Cunningham Fellow Selection Jury and once as Itinerary Chair for the Cunningham Fellow. Twice, Cunningham Fellows stayed with me in Wilmington, North Carolina. From 1993 until 1998, I chaired the Job Exchange Committee of the International Cooperation Section.

In 1995, MLA appointed me as their representative to EAHIL. (The European Association of Health Information and Libraries.) I feel this happened as a result and my persistent interest and involvement in the International Cooperation Section of the Medical Library Association. So now new opportunities for international cooperation and travel have opened up for me. Since 1995, I attended EAHIL conferences in Prague (1995), Coimbra, Portugal (1996), Budapest (1997), and Utrecht, the Netherlands (1998). In 1999, I will attend the EAHIL meeting in Tartu, Estonia, and I am currently on the Program Planning Committee for this meeting.

In 2000, I will attend the 8th International Congress of Medical Librarianship in London (this is a joint meeting with EAHIL) and I am on the Scientific Program Committee for this meeting too.

Indeed, MLA’s International Cooperation Committee broadened my horizons. But more importantly, my international experiences have made my life profoundly more meaningful, more exciting, and more joyful.

About the International Cooperation Section of MLA

The International Cooperation Section of MLA was established in 1989. This group of members from over 25 countries value the international sharing of ideas and resources and the coming together of librarians from different lands.

Some of the work of this section includes:

  • A sister library program
  • A Job Exchange Committee
  • Providing an annual International Reception at MLA.

MLA consults with the chairman of the International Cooperation Section when selecting several of its appointments including:

  • MLA Representative to EAHIL
  • MLA Representative to Canada

This section’s newsletter is excellent and highlights international medical librarians’ work around the globe. The web site at [link no longer active, 10/23/2019] is fascinating and provides a good overview of section activities.

Carole Gall is the current chairman of the International Cooperation Section of MLA. She can be contacted at or phone: 317/274-1411.

Two of the 1998-1999 goals of the ICS include:

  • global connectivity
  • information technology transfer

Reach Out To The World. It all starts with just $10 by joining the International Cooperation Section of MLA.

Join the International Cooperation Section – Get Involved – Travel Abroad!

MAC Bibliography – Ready for Your Input

by Sarah Wright, Chair, Honors and Awards Committee

The Honors and Awards Committee, along with Daniel Horne, the MAC Bibliographer, is proud to announce the start of the MAC Bibliography. The purpose of the MAC/MLA Bibliography project is to encourage research and professional development, and to honor chapter members by publicizing chapter activities and the accomplishments of its members at a national level. The contents of cited works or activities (for the past two years only) should focus on the various aspects/facts of health information and should reflect the individual accomplishments of MAC/MLA members that extend beyond their usual job responsibilities.

This project is ongoing and there is no deadline for submissions. A copy of the Bibliography will be offered at the yearly MAC Meetings.

To submit an entry/entries for the Bibliography, go to the MAC website and click on MAC Bibliography under the Honors and Awards section. Please complete one form for each entry.

The Bibliography forms are also available in paper. If you would like a copy of the form, please contact either Dan Horne (910-815-5964, or Sarah Wright (703-5586524,

Publication Deadline

Items to be published in the November/December issue of MAC Messages may be submitted to the editor up until November 15, 1998.

News From MLA Headquarters

National Medical Librarians Month

Now is the time to begin preparing for MLA’s second annual National Medical Librarians Month this October. Our goal is to use the month to heighten the awareness of related professionals and the general public about the value that medical librarians bring to the health care team. Take advantage of this month to promote your expertise and library services in new and exciting ways. Check out the NMLM page on MLANET for promotional ideas and materials at:

To award your efforts in celebrating National Medical Librarians Month, MLA has established the Creative Promotion Award to be presented to the MLA member who designs and implements the most creative promotional idea with which to celebrate National Medical Librarians Month in his or her institution. The winner will receive:

  • $100 in “MLA Money” applicable towards any MLA publications, fees, dues or annual meeting registrations
  • Special mention in MLA News, MLANET and National Medical Librarians’ Month press release

Please submit your entries with a letter of 200 words or less describing your promotion and how well it worked, along with supporting evidence such as a display or preferably a photo to Tomi Gunn at the MLA headquarters office.

If you have any questions or requests, please contact Tomi Gunn at the the headquarters office at 312/419-9094 x11 or

MLA Moves to New Location

After ten years at its current location in Chicago, the Medical Library Association (MLA) will be relocating. MLA’s new address, effective September 28, 1998, is: Suite 1900, 65 E. Wacker Place, Chicago, IL 60601-7298. MLA’s telephone number, fax number, e-mail, and lock box addresses will remain the same.

Single Slate Election

We are pleased that MLA members are beginning to use medlib-l to discuss and air critical MLA issues. The current single slate ballot proposal for MLA President is a perfect example of electronic discussion and deliberation, and we want to take this opportunity to clarify some points. More detailed information will be disseminated soon.

The recommendation that we consider a single slate option for president came out of extensive work of the Governance Task Force (GTF) in 1997. After carefully considering all the recommendations of the GTF, the Board concluded that this issue was best decided by the membership as a whole. When the issue itself was raised at the ’98 Business Meeting the president reported that it would be more carefully discussed by the full membership between the Philadelphia meeting and the 1999 annual meeting in Chicago when there will be an open forum, and formal discussion at the business meeting.

If the membership approves, the subsequent Bylaws change would be voted upon by the entire membership in summer of 1999.

The decision was made to bring this issue to the membership precisely because it is a critical membership-wide decision. By using this process all members will have ample opportunity to review all the information, discuss, question, deliberate, debate and, and ultimately decide upon the best way to select and elect association leaders.

We will be sharing more information in the News, on MLANET and on our listservs. We welcome widespread discussion, which is turn will enable the association as a whole to make a wise decision. The Governance Task Force report with action taken to date on all its recommendations will be available on MLANET shortly. Information about Board actions on the task force report was also published in the August 1997, January 1998, and April 1998 issues of MLA News. If you would like to have a copy of the report, please contact Evelyn Shaevel at or 312/419-9094, ext. 15.

Hospital Libraries

By Pat Hammond, Director of Library Services,
Cape Fear Valley Health System

MACLend Thanks Evelyn Peyton

Round 2 of MACLend, a DOCLINE-based reciprocal interlibrary loan project, is up and running thanks to the estaff member at the National Network of Libraries of Medicine Southeastern/Atlantic Regional office. Evelyn input the changes to the DOCLINE routing tables of the 49 libraries participating in MACLend. She also provided printouts of current routing tables, directions about how to complete the DOCLINE routing change form and good advice about how to structure DOCLINE routing tables. Evelyn willingly came to the aid of several librarians that were making changes to their DOCLINE routing tables for the first time.

Evelyn has worked with the NN/LM SE/A office for nine years. Her duties include assisting new network members with completion of the DOCLINE forms; helping NN/LM network members with modifications to DOCLINE routing tables; and providing Loansome Doc information to healthcare professionals. Many thanks to Evelyn for her able assistance.

Loansome Doc

Are you providing Loansome Doc service to the public or unaffiliated users? With the advent of PubMed, the demand for Loansome Doc service is increasing. Currently our library provides Loansome Doc service for affiliated users only. Normally, we do not charge library users for interlibrary loan services; the costs are paid from the library’s budget. However, because of the ease of Loansome Doc use, Loansome Doc users get 25 “free” articles per year. Requested articles exceeding the limit cost the requester six dollars each.

Have you noticed an increase in demand for Loansome Doc service? Have you had requests from the “public”? What is your fee structure for this service? If you do not accept Loansome Doc registration from the public, where do you refer requesters?

Provision of fee-based Loansome Doc service to the public could be a source of revenue and improved public image for hospital libraries. Our library has received several inquiries about Loansome Doc, as a result of the hospital’s website link to MEDLINE at the National Library of Medicine. Increased demand may result in a policy to include non-affiliated users. (Please send your comments to Pat Hammond – ).

Knowledge Management

An article in the May/June 1998 Healthcare Forum Journal (volume 41, issue 3, pages 56-60) proclaims “knowledge management” as “the newest core competency for professionals in all industries.” Jim Fitchett, the article’s author, lists five steps of knowledge management:

  1. Capturing or creating knowledge. (examples include the medical literature)
  2. Sharing it broadly.
  3. Deploying it with a clear goal to improve effectiveness.
  4. Measuring the impact of our actions.
  5. Learning from the impact.

News from the States


From health sciences and human services library, university of maryland:

Dedication ceremonies were held on September 17, 1998 for the new Health Sciences and Human Services Library, University of Maryland. Remarks from Dr. David Ramsey (UM Baltimore President) and Kurk Schmoke (Baltimore City Mayor) opened the event, followed by a ribbon cutting, tours and a reception. Later in the afternoon, guest speaker Dr. John Morreall delighted attendees with “Humor for the Health of It.”

The HS/HS Library will host a photographic exhibit Children of the World/Worlds of Children by Patricia Lion Krongard. The project opens October 6, 1998. Her work will be displayed throughout the library.


Lucy Glenn has left the Health Sciences Library, Roanoke Memorial Hospital for a position with a local public library. We’d like to thank Lucy for her work as MAC Messages state reporter for Virginia. Renee Mansheim, Moorman Medical Library, Eastern Virginia Medical School, will step in as the new Virginia state reporter.

Eileen Vaughn has left the full-time one-person position at Bon Secours Maryview Hospital, Portsmouth, VA. That position is open. Eileen now lives in Lewes, Maryland.

Hampton University School of Nursing has been awarded an NLM Internet Connection Grant. The School has become a DOCLINE participant and is making plans to include their holdings in SERHOLD.

Andrew Morton has been appointed Access Services Manager at Tompkins-McCaw Library, Virginia Commonwealth University. Andrew received his MLIS from UNCGreensboro and was previously Stacks Supervisor at Z.Smith Reynolds Library at Wake Forest University.

What Are Your Continuing Education Needs?

By Beth Layton, MAC Professional Development Committee

This MAC Messages contains a Continuing Education Needs Assessment Survey. As the chair-elect of the MAC Professional Development Committee, I am responsible for continuing education classes at MAC’s beach – Wilmington North Carolina – meeting next year. Please fill out the Continuing Education Needs Assessment Survey and send it to me so that the classes can more closely match the needs of our group.

Thank you and see you at the beach!

Mid-Atlantic Chapter
Needs Assessment Continuing Education Survey
Fall 1998

Please complete this survey so we may better meet your continuing education needs.

Please tell us about you:

  • Will you be attending the Wilmington MAC meeting in October 1999?
  • [ ] Yes [ ] No

  1. In what type of library do you work? (choose one)

  2. [ ] Academic
    [ ] Research

    [ ] Hospital
    [ ] Special
    [ ] Pharmaceutical/Biotechnology
    [ ] Other (please specify)

Please tell us about your continuing education needs:

  1. How valuable is the Chapter’s Continuing Education program to you?

  2. [ ] Very valuable

    [ ] Not valuable at all

    [ ] Moderately valuable
    [ ] Not aware of Chapter CE

    [ ] Slightly valuable

  3. Please indicate the degree of importance the following factors have on your decision to attend a Chapter continuing education course, with 1 being Very Important and 5 being Not at all Important.

  4. [ ] Location
    [ ] Faculty/Instructors

    [ ] Amount of time away from office
    [ ] Registration Fee

    [ ] Course Content

    [ ] Time of year

  5. Which of the following methods for continuing education do you prefer?
    Please indicate three in order of preference.

  6. [ ] Hands-on Training
    [ ] Roundtable Group Discussion
    [ ] Workshop
    [ ] Other (please specify):

    [ ] Internet/Distance Learning

    [ ] Lecture
    [ ] Teleconference

    [ ] Journal Club
    [ ] Seminar
    [ ] Self-directed Learning

    If you chose teleconference, does your institution have this capability?

    [ ] yes [ ] no

    Would you be willing to be the host site for a teleconference CE?

    [ ] yes [ ] no

  7. Please indicate five (5) continuing education topics in which you are interested. Number your choices 1 to 5, with 1 being your first choice.

    [ ] Acquisitions/Collection Development

    [ ] Advocacy/Effective Lobbying

    [ ] Archives
    [ ] Assertiveness

    [ ] Cataloging
    [ ] Clinical Pathways
    [ ] Computer Networks/Networking
    [ ] Consumer Health/Patient Education

    [ ] Copyright Issues
    [ ] Customer Services in Libraries
    [ ] Desktop Publishing
    [ ] Document Delivery
    [ ] Downsizing

    [ ] Education & Training
    [ ] Electronic Fulltext Delivery

    [ ] Ethics
    [ ] Evidence-Based Healthcare

    [ ] Fee-Based Information Services
    [ ] Financial Management/Budgeting
    [ ] Government Documents/Resources
    [ ] Grantsmanship
    [ ] Health Services Research

    [ ] Hospital Library Management
    [ ] HTML/SGML
    [ ] Human Resources
    [ ] Image Technology
    [ ] Information Malpractice
    [ ] Interlibrary Loan
    [ ] Internet/WWW

    [ ] Internet Grateful Med/PubMed

    [ ] JAVA Scripting
    [ ] JCAHO Accreditation

    [ ] Leadership Skills
    [ ] Licensing Electronic Resources
    [ ] Management Skills

    [ ] Marketing
    [ ] Medical Terminology
    [ ] Mentoring
    [ ] MeSH for Searchers
    [ ] Multimedia
    [ ] Negotiating Skills
    [ ] Online Searching
    [ ] Outreach Services
    [ ] Planning Library Facilities
    [ ] Power, Influence and Promotion
    [ ] Presentation Skills
    [ ] Preservation/Book Repair
    [ ] Reference Resources
    [ ] Research Methods
    [ ] Statistics/Epidemiology
    [ ] Survey Design
    [ ] Systems
    [ ] Teaching the End-User
    [ ] Telemedicine/Teleconferences
    [ ] Virtual Libraries
    [ ] Web Page Development and Design
    [ ] Z39.50
    [ ] Alternative Medicine
    [ ] Chiropractic
    [ ] Drug Information/Pharmacology
    [ ] Environmental Health/Toxicology
    [ ] Genetics
    [ ] Geriatrics/Gerontology
    [ ] Molecular Biology
    [ ] Nursing
    [ ] Oncology
    [ ] Veterinary/Animal Issues
    [ ] Others (please specify)

  8. For each of the five choices selected in question 5, please indicate whether you are looking for a beginning (B), intermediate (I) or advanced (A) course.

    [ ] Choice 1 [ ] Choice 2 [ ] Choice 3 [ ] Choice 4 [ ] Choice 5

  9. At the Annual Chapter Meeting, would you be more likely to attend a continuing education course:

    [ ] After the meeting
    [ ] Either

    [ ] Before the meeting
    [ ] Depends on the content of the course

    [ ] Both

  10. Please indicate which length continuing education course you are more likely to attend. (please mark only one)

    [ ] Two hour class
    [ ] Full day class
    [ ] Four hour class
    [ ] Depends on the content of the course
    [ ] Six hour class

  11. If continuing education courses were to be offered at a time other than the annual meeting, which month(s) would you prefer?

    [ ] January
    [ ] May
    [ ] September

    [ ] February

    [ ] June
    [ ] October

    [ ] March
    [ ] July
    [ ] November

    [ ] April

    [ ] August
    [ ] December

    Which day(s) of the week is/are best for you?

    [ ] Monday
    [ ] Friday
    [ ] Tuesday
    [ ] Saturday
    [ ] Wednesday
    [ ] Sunday
    [ ] Thursday

  12. Why do you take continuing education courses? (mark all that apply)

    [ ] Continue professional education
    [ ] MLA AHIP credentialing requirements

    [ ] Job requires continuing education
    [ ] Other (please specify)

  13. Do you obtain continuing education from other associations/sources?

    [ ] yes [ ] no

    If yes, please give examples of subject and sponsor:

    Please tell us about your relationship with the Chapter.

  14. How often do you attend Chapter meetings?

    [ ] Regularly (at least 3 out of every 4) [ ] Occasionally (2 out of 4) [ ] Seldom or never

  15. If you do not attend regularly, please indicate the reason(s) why.
    (mark all that apply)

    [ ] Too expensive
    [ ] Program content does not meet my needs
    [ ] Lack of employer support
    [ ] Schedule conflict
    [ ] Too much travel time
    [ ] Other (please specify)

  16. Please rate how well the Chapter is performing the following functions, with 1 being Very Well and 5 being Very Poorly. If you are not sure, please leave a blank.

    [ ] Continuing Education
    [ ] Chapter Meetings
    [ ] Recruiting Members

    [ ] Chapter Directory
    [ ] Placement Services
    [ ] Other (please specify)

    [ ] Newsletter
    [ ] Public Relations

  17. If you have attended at least one Annual Chapter Meeting in the last four years, please indicate whether you feel the opportunity to spend time on each of the following activities should increase (I), remain the same (S), or decrease (D).

    [ ] Career opportunities
    [ ] Poster sessions
    [ ] Exhibits viewing time
    [ ] NN/LM regional updates

    [ ] Peer networking
    [ ] Contributed paper sessions
    [ ] Social Activities
    [ ] Other (please specify):

    [ ] Continuing education courses
    [ ] Section programming activities
    [ ] General sessions/Speakers

  18. Please indicate the degree of importance for each of the following factors in making your decision to attend or not attend the Annual Chapter Meeting, with 1 being Very Important and 5 being Not at all Important.

    [ ] Accommodations
    [ ] Previous meeting experiences
    [ ] Employer’s interest
    [ ] Social activities
    [ ] Officer responsibilities

    [ ] Opportunity to present paper/poster

    [ ] Continuing education
    [ ] Section programming
    [ ] General sessions/Speakers

    [ ] Total cost

    [ ] Career opportunities

    [ ] Relevance of program overall
    [ ] Exhibits
    [ ] Location
    [ ] Other (please specify)

  19. In helping you make a decision to attend the Annual Chapter Meeting, the Preliminary Program has…

    [ ] Too much information

    [ ] Too little information

    [ ] Just enough information
    [ ] There’s a preliminary program?

  20. Please add additional information or comments you would like to provide about continuing education or other Chapter activities.

Please complete and send to:
Beth Layton
Welch Medical Library
Johns Hopkins University
1900 E. Monument St., Baltimore, MD 21205 or fax to 410-614-9555.

Mid-Atlantic Chapter of the
Medical Library Association

OfficersCommittee Chairs MAC Messages

Julia Shaw-Kokot

Health Sciences Library
UNC – Chapel Hill
Chapel Hill, NC 27599-7585
(919) 962-0700 FAX: (919) 966-1537

Terrance Burton

Health Sciences Library
West Virginia University
PO Box 9801
Morgantown, WV 26506
(304) 293-3560 FAX: (304) 293-5995

Elaine Banner

Claude Moore Health Sciences Library
Box 234 UVa Health Sciences Center
Charlottesville, VA 22908
(804) 924-2507 FAX: (804) 243-6928

Beverly Murphy

Duke University
Medical Center Library
Box 3702 Duke University Medical Center
Durham, NC 27710
(919) 660-1127 FAX: (919) 684-5906

Chapter Council Representatives
Ed Dzierzak

Health Sciences Libraries
Marshall University
Huntington, WV 25755-9210
(304) 696-6426 FAX: (304) 696-6740

Ginny DuPont (Alternate)
Headquarters Library (193A)
Dept. of Veterans Affairs
810 Vermont Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20420
(202) 273-8522 FAX: (202) 273-9125

Immediate Past-Chair
Brenda Seago

Computer-Based Instruction Lab
School of Medicine
Medical College of Virginia
Virginia Commonwealth University
Richmond, VA 23298-0496
(804) 828-8319 FAX: (804) 828-6144

Local Arrangements, 1998 Meeting
Kathryn Chmiel

Hupp Medical Library
Ohio Valley Medical Center
Wheeling, WV 26003
(304) 234-8771 FAX: (304) 234-8330

Publications Committee
Julie VanDyke

Duke University Medical Center Library

Box 3702 Duke University Medical Center
Durham, NC 27710
(919) 660-1157 FAX: (919) 681-7599

Governmental Relations Committee
Lisa Boyd

National Network of Libraries of Medicine
Southeastern/Atlantic Region
601 W. Lombard
Baltimore, MD 21201
(410) 706-2855 FAX: (410) 706-0099

Professional Development Committee
Janie Trumbull

Duke University Medical Center Library
Box 3702 Duke University Medical Center
Durham, NC 27710
(919) 660-1120 FAX: (919) 684-5906

Membership Committee
Virginia Carden

Duke University Medical Center Library
Box 3702 Duke University Medical Center
Durham, NC 27710
(919) 660-1103 FAX: (919) 660-1107

Honors and Awards Committee

Sarah Towner Wright

Medical Library
Columbia Arlington Hospital
1701 North George Mason Drive
Arlington, VA 22205
(703) 558-6524 FAX: (703) 558-6975

Nominee to MLA Nominating Committee

Cecilia Durkin

Health Sciences Library
Inova Fairfax Hospital
3300 Gallows Road
Falls Church, VA 22042-3300
(703) 698-3357 FAX: (703) 698-3353

Published 6 times a year by the Mid-Atlantic Chapter of the Medical Library Association.

Barbara Kuchan
NN/LM SE/A Region
Health Sciences Library
601 W. Lombard Street
Baltimore, MD 21201
(410) 706-2855 FAX: (410) 706-0099

State Reporters:

District of Columbia
Velora Jernigan-Pedrick

5857 Blaine Drive
Alexandria, VA 22303-1914
(703) 960-9622

Barbara Koehler

Welch Medical Library
Johns Hopkins University
1900 East Monument Street
Baltimore, MD 21205-2113
(410) 955-3757 FAX: (410) 955-8020

North Carolina
Hattie Vines

Duke University Medical Center Library
Box 3702 Duke University Medical Center
Durham, NC 27710
(919) 660-1125 FAX: (919) 684-5906

Lucy D. Glenn

Health Sciences Library
Roanoke Memorial Hospital
Roanoke, VA 24033
(540) 981-7371 FAX: (540) 981-8666

West Virginia
Judy Lesso

West Virginia University

Health Sciences Library
PO Box 9801
Morgantown, WV 26506
(304) 293-2115 FAX: (304) 293-5995

MAC/MLA AHIP Counselors

Paula Raimondo, Coordinator
Center for Indoor Air Research
1099 Winterson Road
Linthicum, MD
(410) 684-3788

Janie Trumbull, Chair-PDC
Medical Center Library
Duke University Medical Ctr.
Durham, NC
(919) 660-1120

Beverly Murphy
Medical Center Library
Duke University Medical Ctr.
Durham, NC
(919) 660-1127

JoLinda Thompson
Himmelfarb Health Sciences Lib.
George Washington University
Washington, DC
(202) 994-2982

NN/LM SE/A Region News

The National Library of Medicine is pleased to announce that 37 public libraries will take part in a multi-state pilot project designed to increase public awareness of and access to health information via the Internet. Of these, 21 sites are located in the Southeastern/Atlantic Region. The project will evaluate the degree to which public libraries and the Internet can help meet the informational needs of the public. The public libraries from the SE/A Region are cated in Alabama, DC, Georgia, Maryland, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia. Network member supporting libraries – George Washington University, University of Alabama at Birmingham, MUSC, and Eastern Shore AHEC – will offer PubMed, Internet Grateful Med, and/or Internet training as needed. SE/A staff will also offer training and other support. For more information about the public library project, contact the SE/A outreach coordinators, Sandy Teitelbaum,, or Lisa Boyd,

The new 1998 Handbook for Library Managers is now available. The 1998 Handbook is available free of charge. Contact Ruth Collins,, to request a copy.

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