January/February 1999

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Mid-Atlantic Chapter/Medical Library Association
1998/99 Goals and Objectives

MLA Priority: Use existing technologies, including distance learning models, to increase the availability of continuing education to all members to fulfill their lifelong learning needs.

MAC goal: MAC/MLA will foster the professional development and lifelong learning of its members.


The Professional Development Committee will investigate the feasibility of an electronic journal club using appropriate technology to foster professional involvement and development among librarians throughout the Chapter.

The Professional Development Committee and the Publications Committee will investigate alternative methods of delivering continuing education opportunities to the Chapter, using distance learning models, such as the Internet and videoconferencing.

The Publications Committee will continue to provide a Technology Column to MAC Messages in order to support the development of skills, knowledge, and abilities as outlined in Platform for Change.

MAC/MLA will provide affordable access to continuing education opportunities at the regional, state, and local level, including topics on management of new information technologies.

MAC/MLA will provide MAC members with the knowledge and skills needed by the health information professional as outlined in Platform for Change, through education and program offerings at the annual meeting.

MAC Messages will continue to support a column directed toward the hospital librarian.
The Professional Development Committee will include at least one CE course at the annual meeting that supports the interests of hospital librarians.

MLA Priority: Nurture the next generation by encouraging young professionals to join and participate in MLA.

MAC goal: MAC/MLA will serve as an advocate for its members and the profession.


The Membership Committee will actively support the Chapter Incentive Membership Program by distributing promotional material at the annual meeting, direct mailing, and other types of publicity.

Strengthen the organizational diversity by recruiting members from minorities, paraprofessional staff, and groups with low representation.

Continue to promote MAC to library schools in the region and recruit students and graduates to the Chapter.

Continue to support a library student intern for participation on a MAC/MLA committee and to attend annual meetings.

MAC will support the MLA centennial celebration at the Chapter level through the activities of the Chapter Centennial Task Force.

The Professional Development Committee will continue to assist members applying for AHIP membership.

The Membership Committee will continue to promote the benefits of MAC membership to nonmembers in the region.

MAC will continue to promote membership to all MLA members in the Chapter.

The Honors and Awards Committee will continue to present honors and awards at the Annual Meeting.

The Honors and Awards Committee will continue to promote Chapter members for national recognition and offices and to highlight members who have achieved recognition at national levels.

MLA Priority: Explore ways to facilitate access to bibliographic, full-text, and information databases on the Internet.

MAC Goal: Increase awareness of electronic resources and related issues including licensing and copyright.


Offer program and CE opportunities at the annual meeting related to access and use of electronic information.

MLA Priority: Develop MLA’s electronic publishing capabilities by accepting and maintaining electronic manuscripts from MLA members, providing assistance where necessary, and maintaining MLA publications in electronic form. Explore extending this service to small associations.

MAC goal: MAC/MLA will promote cooperation and communication among its members.


The Publications Committee will investigate the feasibility of supplying the Chapter newsletter, MAC Messages, in electronic format from the Chapter Website for members who would prefer this method of delivery.

Promote the MAC/MLA-L Chapter listserv to members and encourage its utilization by members, officers, and committees for timely dissemination of news items and information via the Internet. Each new MAC member is automatically subscribed to the listserv.

Maintain a World Wide Web Home Page for MAC/MLA as a way to promote the Chapter and to provide an archival location for Chapter information and documents.

Use the MAC Home Page as a link to MLA, Chapter Council and information about publishing.

Publish contributed papers and poster session abstracts from the annual meeting on the Chapter Home Page.

The MAC Policy and Procedure Manual is available through the MAC Website.

Histories of MAC and health sciences libraries in the MAC region are available through the MAC Website.

Provide MAC forms, including the membership form, through the MAC Website.

The Professional Development Committee will provide information on local, state, and regional CE opportunities through the MAC Website.

The Publications Committee will continue to provide a copy the newsletter, MAC Messages, on the MAC Website.

MAC goal: MAC/MLA will serve as an advocate for its members and the profession.


Encourage research among Chapter members.

Encourage members who have presented a MAC contributed paper and/or poster session to revise presentations and consider submitting them for inclusion at the MLA annual meeting.

Continue to sponsor a contributed paper and/or poster session for the Chapter’s Annual Meeting (based on continued approval by members through the meeting evaluation process).

The Honors and Awards Committee will maintain the MAC Bibliography as a record on members publications.

MLA Priority: Extend our sphere of influence to include other organizations and agencies to better address the changing health care environment and its impact on health sciences librarianship, including participation in activities such as providing consumer health information services and computerized patient care records.

MAC goal: MAC/MLA will provide leadership in addressing issues related to health Information.


MAC will continue to sponsor a session at the Chapter’s Annual Meeting dedicated to governmental issues (based on continued approval by members through the meeting evaluation process).

The Program Committee and the Professional Development Committee will provide opportunities to explore timely issues related to health information.

The Governmental Relations Committee will use MAC Messages and the MAC/MLA-L Chapter listserv to inform members of new developments in governmental regulation of health care and distribution of government information.

MAC goal: MAC/MLA will strengthen the organization to effectively fulfill its mission.


Form a Strategic Planning Task Force to up-date the MAC Strategic Plan for the next five years.

Form a Financial Planning Task Force to offer direction in sound management of Chapter funds.

Provide opportunities for all members to join committees.

Provide financial support for members to participate on MAC committees. Hold elections for MAC officers.

Provide financial support for MAC Chapter Council Representatives to attend MLA meetings, as necessary.

Continue to review and, if appropriate, revise the procedure manual annually.

Mid-Atlantic Chapter AHIP Counselors

Paula Raimondo, Coordinator
Center for Indoor Air Research
1099 Winterson Road
Linthicum, MD
(410) 684-3788

Janie Trumbull, Chair-PDC
Medical Center Library
Duke University Medical Ctr.
Durham, NC
(919) 660-1120

Martha Bedard
Health Sciences Library
University of North Carolina
at Chapel Hill
(919) 966-0942

Claire Meissner
Health Sciences Library
Lynchburg General Hospital

Beverly Murphy
Medical Center Library
Duke University Medical Ctr.
Durham, NC
(919) 660-1127

Anne Powers
Medical Center Library
Duke University Medical Center

JoLinda Thompson
Himmelfarb Health Sciences Lib.
George Washington University
Washington, DC
(202) 994-2982

News From The States…


Kathryn Chmiel, MILS, AHIP, has joined the Southern Regional AHEC Information Access Center in Fayetteville, NC as the Information Educator. She was formally the hospital librarian at Hupp Medical Library, Ohio Valley Medical Center in Wheeling, WV.

Russet Hambrick, MLS, AHIP, was elected the new chair of the NC AHEC Library and Information Services Network (NC AHEC LIS). She is also president of the Association of North Carolina Health & Science Libraries (ANCHASL). Russet is the Director of the Information Access Center at Southern Regional AHEC.

Ms. Hambrick has also been selected as one of the initial John Payne Travelling Fellows for 1999. She proposes to do a two-week fellowship in June at the Center for Distance Learning Research at Texas A&M University.


Eastern Virginia Medical School broke ground for the new Edward E. Brickell Library on December 21, 1998. The 4-story building will be adjacent to Lewis Hall where the Library is currently housed. The Library is scheduled to open in Spring of 2000.

The VaCOHSL Spring Meeting will be held on March 25-26, 1999 at the Four Points Sheraton Hotel in Harrisonburg, VA. Tentative CE classes scheduled for Thursday, March 25 are:

Advanced Searching of the WWW

Instructor: Gabe Rios (UVA HSL)

Understanding Meta-Analysis

Instructor: Richard Harris (EVMS Library)

Registration brochures will be mailed out in early February. For further info, contact Ann Duesing at (540) 328-0168 or Ilene Smith at (540) 433-4166.

Brenda Seago was appointed by the Dean of Medical College of Virginia to serve as one of three School of Medicine representatives to the Group on Information Resources of the AAMC.


The Health Sciences Library at Marshall University has moved into a new building. The new address is Marshall University School of Medicine, Health Sciences Library, 1600 Medical Center Drive, Suite 2400, Huntington, WV 25701-3655. The telephone number is (304) 691-1752. Karen Curtis joins the staff at Marshall as the new Interlibrary Loan Librarian. Prior to joining the HSL at Marshall University, she served as an Information Services librarian in the Library of the Health Sciences at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

Mark Kennedy came on board September 23, 1998, as Head of Information Services at the HSL at West Virginia University in Morgantown. Prior to his appointment at WVU, he served as senior clinical reference librarian at Baystate Medical Center, Springfield, MA. Judith Lesso has resigned her position as reference librarian at the Health Sciences Library. She now lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Nancy J. Wasson, Head of Access Services, at WVU’s Health Sciences Library will serve as the West Virginia State reporter for MAC Messages.

West Virginia University has been slated as a 1999 site for NLM Online Training. Introduction to Web Based Searching will be taught August 4 – 5. Making the Transition will be taught August 6, 1999.

Have You Renewed Your Membership?

One of the greatest strengths of any organization is its members. The more members, the more we can learn from networking with each other. If you have not yet renewed your membership, please complete the membership form in this issue. Dues and forms must be received by March 15, 1999 for your information to be included in the 1999 MAC Membership Directory.

If you aren’t sure of your membership status, check the mailing label on this issue of MAC Messages. The two-digit code in the upper right-hand corner indicates the last year for which your dues were paid. If your label has “99” in the corner, then you have already renewed your membership.

Questions about your membership status or any address changes should be directed to: Lynn Eades, beades@med.unc.edu.

AHIP Information on MLANET

by Paula Raimondo, Coordinator of the AHIP Counseling Service for MAC

MLANET (http://www.mlanet.org/), the Medical Library Association’s website, contains a wealth of information on the Academy of Health Information Professionals (AHIP), including a general description of the Academy, benefits of Academy membership, eligibility requirements, a description of the application process, and a list of AHIP members.

MLA points out that membership in the Academy recognizes and encourages professional activities that are vital for development, and provides credentialling as proof of this commitment to professional development. Remember that your service to the Mid-Atlantic Chapter as an officer or on a committee counts toward AHIP credentialling.

The URL for AHIP information on MLANET is http://www.mlanet.org/academy.

Publication Deadline

Items to be published in the March/April issue of MAC Messages may be submitted to the editor up until March 15, 1999.

News from MLA Headquarters

Two MLA Books Chosen by Library Journal As Among the Year’s Best

The Medical Library Association (MLA) is proud to announce that two of its recent publications were selected by Library Journal as among the year’s best in professional library literature. The books chosen are: Alternative Medicine Resource Guide and Collection Development and
Assessment in Health Sciences Libraries

Alternative Medicine Resource Guide, written by Francine Feuerman and MLA member Marsha J. Handel, was developed to help guide health care professionals and consumers through the increasing amount of available information about alternative medicine, and to aid librarians in building collections in alternative medicine. Organized into two main sections – a resource guide and a selective bibliography- the book provides information on alternative medicine publications, organizations, educational and treatment programs, and products.

Written by the late Daniel T. Richards and MLA member Dottie Eakin, AHIP, Collection Development and Assessment in Health Sciences Libraries focuses on historical perspectives of the literature and practice of health sciences librarianship, current trends and issues, financial considerations, preservation, cooperative ventures, policy formulations, and selection criteria. The book aptly serves as both a handbook for practicing librarians and as a textbook for library students.

The cost of Alternative Medicine Resource Guide is $49.50 and Collection Development and Assessment in Health Sciences Libraries is available for $47.50. To order these books or to obtain additional information, please contact Scarecrow Press at 4720 Boston Way, Lanham, MD 20706; 800-462-6420.

Windy City Of Chicago To Host MLA ’99

The Medical Library Association (MLA) will wrap up its year-long Centennial Celebration next year at its ninety-ninth annual meeting and exhibit in Chicago, IL. The meeting will take place May 15 to 19, 1999, at the Hyatt Regency Hotel, close to the MLA headquarters office.

The ’99 National Program Committee (NPC) has created a stimulating and unique program that will include well-known speakers such as noted librarian/futurist, Clifford Lynch, Ph.D., and bioethics expert, Dr. Daniel Callahan. Continuing education opportunities, poster sessions, and the Hall of Exhibits are also among the many events scheduled for the meeting. During the meeting, MLA ’99 meeting attendees will also be invited to a reception celebrating MLA’s new headquarters office.

“The meeting’s theme, Present Tense-Future Perfect?, embodies the focus of the meeting – the future of the health sciences librarianship profession,” states MLA President Jacqueline Donaldson Doyle. “The conference will provide health sciences information professionals from
all over the world with a forum to discuss and envision what must be done to create secure and challenging professions in the new century.”

The MLA ’99 Preliminary Program will be mailed to all MLA members in January 1999. Non-members can request a copy by calling 312/419-9094 x21. For more information about MLA ’99, visit our Web site at www.mlanet.org.

NN/LM SE/A Region News

Next generation SERHOLD is coming soon. Full implementation is planned for July 1999. Like new DOCLINE and DOCUSER, this version of new SERHOLD will make use of the ORACLE database management system with a web interface for viewing, entering, and editing data. The next generation SERHOLD will also support production of certain union list products. Each library will have the ability to retrieve union lists for consortia of which the library is a member. Some consortia may print and distribute SERHOLD union lists for their members and may charge a nominal fee. NLM will not offer microfiche products. As a result, the 1998 Region 2 Union List of Serials will be the last produced by the NN/LM SE/A office. The companion product to the Union List of Serials, the ILL Policy Handbook is a directory of SE/A SERHOLD participants and provides their ILL prices and policies along with other information. It will produced for one more year.

MAC Nuggets

From the Governmental Relations Committee

by Carolyn Willard, Chair, Governmental Relations Committee

Copyright Law and Distance Education
Since Congress seemed to have its collective heads in the muck the past few months, not much has happened on the Hill that directly affects the library community. Government Commissions, Offices and Departments still have plowed on, however, and local libraries should be aware that the U.S. Copyright Office is holding a public hearing in Washington D.C. on January 26 and 27, 1999 for those interested in Distance Education programs using digital technologies. The Copyright office is seeking comment on specific questions about the nature of distance education, the use of technology and how copyright law applies to distance education. Demonstrations of distance education programs will be held at the Library of Congress on January 25th from 2-5 PM.

Copyright Term Extended
A 20-year extension of the current life-plus-50 year copyright term ( the Sonny Bono Copyright Term Extension Act ) goes into effect January 1, 1999. There are interim regulations for a limited exception for libraries and other non-profit educational institutions. The web site for the U.S. Copyright Office is located at https://www.copyright.gov/. Look there for discussions on the Extension Act and the interim regulations.

CONFU Report Available
The Final Report to the Commissioner on the Conclusion of the Conference on Fair Use (CONFU) is available from the Office of Public Affairs, U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Since no drafts of the guidelines received enough support in the public and private sector, they will not be submitted to Congress.

The 106th Congress is now in session, and, hopefully, they will get back on track and start doing “the people’s business.”

Sun, Sand, Beach, and You

by Lynn Eades, LAC Publicity Chair

When the cold winds of October begin to blow, make plans for a trip to the coast! The 1999 Annual MAC Meeting will be held in Wilmington, NC, October 6-9.

Mark your calendars to visit the banks of the Cape Fear River, only minutes away from Wrightsville Beach on the Atlantic Ocean. The Local Arrangements Committee has a fun-filled, exciting meeting awaiting you. Stay tuned to MAC Messages and the MACMLA-L listserv for more information. We hope to see you in historic Wilmington!


Chair Terrance Burton
Chair-Elect Steven Squires
Secretary Janie Trumbull
Treasurer Patricia Hammond
Chapter Council Representative Ed Dzierzak
(Alternate) Ginny DuPont
Immediate Past Chair Julia Shaw-Kokot
Committee Chairs
Local Arrangements Donna Flake
Publications Beverly Murphy
Professional Development Beth Layton
Membership Russet Hambrick
Honors & Awards Lucinda Edwards
Nominee to MLA Nominating Comm Gretchen Arnold
MAC Messages:
Published bimonthly by the Mid-Atlantic Chapter / Medical Library Association.
Editor Barbara Kuchan
State Reporters:
Velora Jernigan-Pedrick | Barbara Koehler |
Hattie Vines | Rene Mansheim | Nancy Wasson

Prefer Web MAC Messages?

It’s the web-based era! If you would prefer to access the newsletter through the web rather than receive a print copy, please contact Lynn Eades (beades@med.unc.edu), the mailing list manager. New issues will be announced on the MAC listserv as they are made available. You can also find MAC Messages from the MAC/MLA home page.


In the Nov/Dec 98 MAC Messages, the Professional Development Committee report stated that Jean Siebert had resigned from the Committee. It was Jean Hiebert that resigned; Jean Siebert remains on the Committee.

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