May/June 1999

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MAC ’99: Program Preview

by Steven J. Squires, MAC Chair-Elect

Much of the program for the MAC 1999 Annual Meeting in Wilmington, North Carolina is set. This summer you will receive your preliminary registration packets containing details about program, hotel, travel, and social events you will need to make your final arrangements. Following are some program highlights. You simply must come!

Dr. Logan Ludwig will open our program on Thursday, October 7, with the keynote address. Dr. Ludwig is a frequent lecturer, library buildings editor and consultant, information technology strategist, and currently the Director of the Health Sciences Library of Loyola University in Chicago. Dr. Ludwig says that wishful thinking is interpreting facts, reports, events, perceptions, etc. according to what one would like to be the case rather than according to the actual evidence. Some institutions are constructing new libraries or remodeling existing libraries, while others are proudly proclaiming campuses with virtual or digital libraries requiring no physical abode. Is it wishful thinking to believe that libraries must be one or the other? In the new millennium will they be both omnipresent and edifice or something we haven’t thought of as yet?

Dr. Ludwig will examine facts and perceptions that influence the evolution of the modern academic and hospital library including historical inheritances, functional and environmental requirements, building and organizational flexibility, technology transfer and the diffusion of innovations, and collaboration and shared roles.

Thursday’s schedule also includes clinical librarianship, a look at hospital library services from practicing librarians, and an update on librarian competencies from Joanne Gard Marshall. Dr. Marshall, formerly of the University of Toronto, became Dean of the School of Information and Library Science at UNC-CH in January 1999. What better way of welcoming her to the region and getting to know her than by asking her to speak to us at what is now “her” chapter’s meeting.

On Thursday afternoon, many of your colleagues will enlighten us about their projects, services, thoughts, and visions in a session of contribute papers. Other members will display informative posters throughout the meeting. There is still time for you to prepare a paper or poster for us. Please see the Call for Papers and Call for Posters elsewhere in this issue.

On Friday, Guy St. Clair will begin the day by explaining the important concept of “information audits” to us. Guy St. Clair is the President of SMR International (St. Clair Management Resources), an independent company providing management support to the library and information services profession. He is a frequent speaker on the future of information services and the role of the information services practitioner as information counselor. He advocates that a thorough understanding of an organization’s mission, vision, and performance expectations is the only way to achieve success in the information-delivery environment. Extending the concept of the audit–with its emphasis on examination and accountability–to the information arena is an efficient and effective methodology for assessing information needs within an organization. His presentation demonstrates how information practitioners can design and conduct an information audit and, in doing so, chart a useful and appropriate destination for information delivery in your organization. He will also offer a 1-hour workshop that afternoon during our special interest sessions.

Other special interest sessions Friday afternoon will include a visit to a consumer health library and sessions on intranets, pastoral care materials and practices, and data mining.

Elizabeth Poage Baxter, President and CEO of Baxter, Breckenridge and Warner, in Ypsilanti, Michigan, is known to many of you as the “power and influence” lady. She has taught her CE course on using power effectively and exerting influence successfully all over the country and will do so at our MAC meeting on Saturday. However, she does speak on other topics and will talk to us Friday about being and becoming effective leaders.

Please plan to join your MAC colleagues for this program and for the welcome reception at the Bellamy Mansion and the Shrimperoo at the Blockade Runner Beach Resort. There is much to interest all of us. We need you there to help make this last program of the decade, of the century, of the millennium, a memorable one.

Executive Board Meeting Highlights

Mid-Atlantic Chapter of the Medical Library Association
Hilton Hotel, Wilmington, North Carolina
February 5, 1999

The meeting was called to order at 9:30 a.m. by MAC Chair, Terrance Burton.

Board Members Present: Chair Terrance Burton, Chair-Elect Steven Squires, Immediate Past Chair Julia Shaw-Kokot, Secretary Janie Trumbull, Treasurer Patricia Hammond, Chapter Council Representative Ed Dzierzak, Alternate Chapter Council Representative Ginny DuPont.

1998-1999 Standing Committee Chairs Present: Local Arrangements, Donna Flake; Membership, Russet Hambrick; Professional Development, Beth Layton; Publications, Beverly Murphy.

Committee Members Present: Elizabeth Adams, Martha Bedard, Virginia Bender, Jean Blackwell, Mary Frances Bodemuller, Jane Borland, Virginia Carden, Kathryn Chmiel (Past Chair, LAC), Karen Crowell, Linda Frank, Adam Glazer, Karen Grandage, Leonora Kaufmann, Janice Kelly, Brynn Mays, Diane McKenzie (Chair, Centennial Task Force), Claire Meissner, Margaret Norden, Anne Powers, Jean Siebert, and Sharon Welsh.


Honors and Awards. JoLinda Thompson has agreed to serve as the committee chair due to the resignation of Myra Binau. The committee covered a number of issues including a need to increase the number of nominations for awards, and a possible new project on recognition of mentors.

Governmental Relations. Brynn Mays reported. Brynn met with the Publications Committee and the main item discussed was providing government information on our web page as well as in MAC Messages.

Membership. Committee chair Russet Hambrick reported that we have 315 members, and that 169 have not yet renewed since 1998. Russet plans to send out letters this Spring to members who are two years in arrears. The committee is also looking at recruiting from new groups such as paraprofessional staff and has proposed that letters be written to library directors encouraging their paraprofessional staff to join MAC.

Publications. Chair Beverly Murphy reported that the website in its new redesigned form was brought up on Nov. 4th, and that Adam Glazer is the new MAC Website editor. According to Jonathan Lord, as of the 14th of January there are 283 members subscribed to the MAC listserv. New items discussed included a style manual for material for the web site, a developmental directory for works in progress, addition of committee membership application forms, and statistics.

Professional Development. Chair Beth Layton reported. The committee reviewed the AHIP report sent by Paula Raimondo: 13 people requested counseling at the October meeting – 8 from Pitt and 5 from MAC. The internship project had no applicants for this coming year so strategies were considered that would make it possible to continue such a project. Since there is no current intern the possibility was raised of using the scholarship funds to invite a student to attend MAC and give a report, or to provide a scholarship to a working librarian who could not afford otherwise to attend MAC. Efforts at promoting research were analyzed and the committee is revising the definition of research to include posters and contributed papers. CE plans were discussed, and Beth reported that the survey was very helpful and that there were two prominent areas of interest – copyright issues, and power and influence.

Local Arrangements and Program. Chair Donna Flake reported for Local Arrangements, Sharon Welsh for Hospitality, and MAC Chair-Elect Steve Squires for Program. Their extensive reports and plans are described elsewhere in MAC Messages.


At 1:50 p.m. the Executive Board, with some committee members, met. Voting Members of the Board present were: Chair Terry Burton, Chair-Elect Steve Squires, Immediate Past Chair Julia Shaw-Kokot, Secretary Janie Trumbull, Treasurer Pat Hammond, Chapter Council Representative Ed Dzierzak and Alternate Ginny DuPont.

Minutes of the Oct. 3, 1998 MAC/MLA Executive Board Meeting were approved.

Treasurer’s Report. Beverly Murphy reported that MAC has a balance of $31,161.10 as of January 23, 1999. She will complete the transfer of funds to Pat Hammond as soon as the CD matures on Feb. 3 and the last outstanding check clears. The treasurer’s report was approved.


Final Reports – 1998 Meeting. Kathryn Chmiel passed out copies of the 27 page 1998 Local Arrangements Committee Final Report and discussed the various sections with their highlights and recommendations of committee members. The meeting was well attended, with a total of 203 people registering for all or part of the meeting, and 91 persons registering for the 5 CE classes. Overall the joint meeting format was well liked by the attendees, and the comments on the evaluation forms regarding other aspects of the meeting were very positive.

MAC Archives. Diane McKenzie reported. Diane is currently collecting our archival materials which will eventually be transferred to the Medical College of Virginia in Richmond, once we have a formal contract with them. This contract will need to be signed by the MCV archivist and the MAC Chair.

Chapter Project. Terry Burton reported that our Internship MAC Bibliography project has been submitted to MLA for consideration as Chapter Project of the Year and that we should hear the results in March. We are also recruiting for nominations for another chapter project for submission this coming year. A project must be up and running for at least one year before submission. Kathryn Chmiel mentioned MACLend as a possibility. If there are other suggestions they should be submitted to the Honors & Awards Committee.

Financial Planning Committee. Bev Murphy reported that she, Ginger Carden, Ginny DuPont and Pat Hammond had agreed to serve on this group which is actually a task force, and that they did not have a charge yet. It was conceived in response to a question on what we should do with our CD money and also spurred on by MLA’s proposal to take care of taxes for the chapters. Terry Burton, Steve Squires and Julia Shaw-Kokot will draw up a charge for this task force.

Centennial Task Force. Diane McKenzie reported. The centennial celebration is not officially over until the MAC ’99 Meeting. All members, except for a few whose address is not known, have received their centennial booklets and pins. Although the physical formats of booklet, pin and “Hats off to MLA” poster are complete, there are still some virtual additions to be made to the web format of the history. Additional meeting information needs to be added as well as histories that were not submitted previously, and it is planned to enhance the histories with pictures.


Strategic Planning Committee. Since we are in the last year of our MAC/MLA Strategic Plan 1994-1999, a new committee needs to be appointed to develop the next five-year plan. It was decided that the committee would consist of past, current and future chapter chairs, Terry Burton, Julia Shaw-Kokot, and Steve Squires, Membership Chair Russet Hambrick, Professional Development Chair Beth Layton, and Chapter Council Representative, Ed Dzierzak. In addition, Maggie Demchuk, who was in charge of the last planning committee, will be asked to serve on this new committee, and a message will be sent to the MAC listserv to solicit additional nominations and suggestions from the membership.

Membership Committee Proposal. The committee had suggested that a letter be sent out to library directors asking them to encourage their paraprofessional staff to join MAC. A letter will be sent by Chair Terry Burton.

Scholarship vs Internship. The Professional Development Committee will investigate the possibility of using the scholarship money to invite a library/information sciences student to attend MAC and give a report on issues important to students. It may not be possible to actually do this for the Wilmington Meeting but the board would like an official statement or proposal from the committee by October.

Future Meetings. Where is the meeting to be held for the year 2001? According to our rotation schedule, it should be in Maryland. Beth Layton will contact the chair of the Maryland medical library group to discuss the meeting and possible sites.

October Board Meeting. The next Executive Board Meeting has been scheduled for Tuesday, October 5, 1999, from 2:00 – 6:00 p.m.

The meeting was adjourned at 3:20 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Jane Trumbull, MAC Secretary

MAC Internship Program

by Claire A. Meissner, Internship Coordinator

The MAC Internship Program is an opportunity for a master’s level library/information science student in the Mid-Atlantic Chapter region to do a special project in the professional association environment. The intern will be asked to choose a project submitted by a MAC committee or task force. The intern will be able to meet and network with health information professionals in the region and participate in chapter activities, including subsidized attendance at the MAC Annual Meeting, a half-day continuing education class, and the January Executive Board meeting.

The intern may be enrolled in a program in the Mid-Atlantic Region or living in the region and enrolled in a distance learning program. More information about the project and the application form are available at the MAC website:

For more information, please contact:
Claire A. Meissner
Internship Coordinator
Health Sciences Library
Lynchburg General Hospital
Lynchburg, VA 24501
Telephone: (804) 947-3147
Fax: (804) 947-3104

Editorially Speaking…

It is a wonderful opportunity for me to assume the role of MAC Messages editor. I find great joy writing and editing and am privileged to serve our Chapter in this capacity. Many thanks to Barbara Kuchan, immediate past editor and former workmate, and Beverly Murphy, Publications Chair, for having confidence in me. Thanks, too, for spending time explaining the myriad editorial details.

Got an idea? Wish our newsletter had a column about ___? I’m only an email away! Send your thoughts, suggestions and comments to (Be sure to put MAC in the subject line.) Thanks again!
Janice L. Mason

Recognition of MAC Members Retiring This Year

by Leslie Mackler, Honors and Awards Committee

Attention all MAC retirees! We would like to recognize you during the annual Honors and Awards luncheon and present you with a complementary membership to the Mid-Atlantic Chapter. This is a way for you to maintain ties with your colleagues and professional organization. Additionally, this is a way for your professional organization to draw upon your experience and knowledge.

Leslie Mackler
Moses Cone Health System
1200 N Elm, Greensboro NC 27401

Mid-Atlantic Chapter AHIP Counselors

Paula Raimondo, Coordinator
Center for Indoor Air Research
1099 Winterson Road
Linthicum, MD
(410) 684-3788

Janie Trumbull
Medical Center Library
Duke University Medical Ctr.
Durham, NC
(919) 660-1120

Martha Bedard
Health Sciences Library
University of North Carolina
at Chapel Hill
(919) 966-0942

Claire Meissner
Health Sciences Library
Lynchburg General Hospital
(804) 947-3147

Beverly Murphy
Medical Center Library
Duke University Medical Ctr.
Durham, NC
(919) 660-1127

Anne Powers
Medical Center Library
Duke University Medical Ctr.
Durham, NC
(919) 660-1126

JoLinda Thompson
Himmelfarb Health Sciences Lib.
George Washington University
Washington, DC
(202) 994-2982

Professional Development in Wilmington

Continuing Education Opportunities for MAC Members
October 6-9, 1999

by Beth Layton, Chair, Professional Development Committee

Wednesday, October 6, 1999
Full-Day Course

MLA CE Course 531
Multimedia Basics

Julia Shaw-Kokot, Education Services Coordinator;
and Robert Ladd, Curriculum Support Specialist;
Health Sciences Library, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Enter the world of multimedia and instructional design concepts and skills for the production of professional materials. Learn multimedia terminology, formats, and technology. Cover the topics of using and scanning images, electronic tools, and creating interactive applications. Take time to create an actual project in class.

Location: Class will be held at Cape Fear Community College (easy walking distance of the hotel).

Time: 8 am – 5 pm

CE credit: 8 contact hours
Fees: MAC/SLA Members: $130
Non-Members: $170

Wednesday, October 6, 1999
Full-Day Course

MLA CE Course (Approval Pending)
Copyright Law in the Digital Age

James Heller, Director of the Law Library and Professor of Law,
William & Mary School of Law

Explore the copyright law issues that affect health sciences librarians, and analyze the respective rights of owners and users of copyrighted works. Test your current practice in light of such topics as the distinction between copying in for-profit and in not-for-profit libraries; the educational use of copyrighted works; library interlibrary loan and document delivery services; the use of audiovisual materials, databases, and online services, and the licensing of copyrighted works. Review and discuss the history and development of federal copyright law, and applicable provisions of the Copyright Act, interpretive court decisions, and congressional and ALA guidelines.

Location: Hilton Wilmington Riverside Hotel

Time: 8 am – 5 pm

CE Credit: 8 contact hours
Fees: MAC/SLA Members: $130
Non-Members: $170

Wednesday, October 6, 1999
Half-Day Course

MLA Approved CE Course
The ABCs of Intranet Development


Kim Guenther, Internet/Clinical Information Services Coordinator,
Health Sciences Library, University of Virginia

Increase your understanding of basic and advanced Intranet development issues, from differences between Intranet, Internet, and Extranets, to determining the benefit of an Intranet for your organization. Discuss strategies for implementing an Intranet and understanding the potential costs, including hidden costs. Participants will explore and discuss the different stages of Intranet development including the creation of an Intranet “knowledge inventory,” working with content providers, and designing a site that supports both consistency and ease of use.

Discussion will be based upon the case study of the UVA Health Sciences Library’s initiative to launch its own Intranet “KnowledgeWeb.”

Location: Hilton Wilmington Riverside Hotel

Time: 1-5 pm

CE Credit: 4 contact hours
Fees: MAC/SLA Members: $65
Non-Members: $85

Wednesday, October 6, 1999
Partial Day Course

CE Course 4007
Train the Trainer: EndNote

Greg Tananbaum, Niles Software, Inc., Berkeley, CA

The workshop will review features of EndNote, a bibliographic management software package, including how to insert references into research papers, how to create bibliographies, and how to use the EndNote database to organize references. This session will also review EndNote’s online searching capabilities, which allow users to search remote databases (including MEDLINE, Library of Congress, and many university library catalogs) from within EndNote.

This workshop is ideal for librarians who want to learn about how their patrons use EndNote. The range of typical patron questions will be addressed, as will tips on how to customize the program for optimal results.

Location: Hilton Wilmington Riverside Hotel

Time: 1-4 pm

CE Credit: 2 contact hours
Fees: MAC/SLA Members: $45
Non-Members: $65

Saturday, October 9, 1999
Full-Day Course

MLA CE Course 232
Power & Influence: Strategies for Success

Elizabeth Poage Baxter, President and CEO,
Baxter, Breckenridge and Warner, Ypsilanti, MI

Increase your understanding of power and influence, and heighten your ability to obtain them and use them with grace and success. Learn about strategies that will help you use power effectively and exert influence successfully. Discuss the obstacles that often keep us from obtaining or exercising these leadership skills. Identify the types of power you may want to develop in order to achieve your goals.

Location: Hilton Wilmington Riverside Hotel

Time: 8 am – 5 pm

CE Credit: 8 contact hours
Fees: MAC/SLA Members: $130
Non-Members: $170

Saturday, October 9, 1999
Full-Day Course

MLA CE Course 6005
Evidence-Based Medicine and the Medical Librarian

Julie Garrison, Head of Electronic Resource Services,
and Connie Schardt, Education Coordinator,
Medical Center Library, Duke University

This course is an introduction for medical librarians to the practice of evidence-based medicine (EBM) and the role the librarian can play in its practice. Participants will learn to identify and explain the concept and process of EBM, identify the parts of a well built clinical question and be able to judge the validity of studies, and identify the roles librarians can undertake in providing EBM training and support. The course will consist of a combination of lecture, discussion and exercises.

Location: Hilton Wilmington Riverside Hotel

Time: 8 am – 5 pm

CE Credit: 8 contact hours
Fees: MAC/SLA Members: $130
Non-Members: $170

MAC Bibliography

by Betsy Adams, Honors and Awards Committee

The Honors and Awards Committee, along with Daniel Horne, MAC Bibliographer, encourages your participation in the MAC Bibliography. The purpose of the MAC Bibliography is to encourage research and professional development, and to honor chapter members by publicizing chapter activities and the accomplishments of its members at a national level.

The scope of the bibliography includes published (print or electronic) articles, book reviews, columns in journals, books, book chapters, research papers, workshops, speeches, poster sessions, presentations, development/production of electronic materials, and awarded grants of MAC/MLA members. The content should focus on the various aspects/facets of health information and should reflect the individual accomplishments of MAC/MLA members that extend beyond their usual job responsibilities.

Please submit one form for each citation (past two years only). This project is ongoing and there is no deadline for submissions. A copy of the Bibliography will be offered at the yearly MAC meetings, and will be distributed electronically through the MAC website. (Coming Soon!)

To submit an entry/entries for the Bibliography, go to the MAC website and click on MAC Bibliography. The Bibliography forms are also available in paper. To request a copy of the form, please contact Dan Horne (910-815-5964, or Betsy Adams (919-660-1131,


by Patricia Hammond, Director of Library Services,
Cape Fear Valley Health System


In March, Debra Rand, Chairperson of the Hospital Libraries Section/Medical Library Association, received a letter from Dennis O’Leary, President of the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations. He requested participation in determining the priority measurement areas in which the Joint Commission will identify standardized core measures for hospitals. By the end of 1999, the Joint Commission will have identified 5 or 6 measure sets that will be used in the accreditation process.

Dr. Leary asked participants to complete a survey that was included. Each participant was asked to rank six measurements which are believed to be the highest priorities for hospitals. Twelve areas were listed on the form and participants could write-in others. None of the focus areas directly involve hospital libraries. The list included adverse drug reaction, acute myocardial infarction, antibiotic use, breast cancer, congestive heart failure, depression, diabetes, equipment failure, maternal/newborn complication, medication errors, pain management and pneumonia.

Plans are to use each institution’s administrative, medical record and/or JCAHO survey data to measure performance. Some of the hospital core measurement focus areas include patient education as possible core measure content areas. The focus areas that include patient education could have an impact on the hospital libraries that provide patient education materials.

MACLend News

The next “enrollment” period for MACLend, a DOCLINE-based reciprocal interlibrary loan project between participating libraries, will be in the Spring of 2000. A user survey was mailed to current MACLend members. So far, all current participants wish to continue, which means that only a small number of slots will be available next year. Lynn Powell, Librarian at Halifax Regional Medical Center in North Carolina, said that MACLend is “the best thing that could happen to small libraries.”

The National Library of Medicine plans to have the new web-based version of DOCLINE ready for use in October 1999. The new DOCLINE will impact the operation of MACLend. At this time, the implications of the change are not known.

An excellent article about the Southern Chapter’s SEND Project, on which MACLend is based, appeared in the Bulletin of the Medical Library Association, April 1999, P. 214-216.

The new librarian at the Ohio Valley Medical Center in Wheeling, WV is Harriet Kelly.

Wanted: A Few Exceptional People

by Patricia G. Hinegardner, Honors and Awards Committee

Do you know someone who has served MAC faithfully? Do you know someone who has made outstanding contributions to health sciences librarianship? Do you know someone who runs a one-person library and continues to contribute to the profession?

If so, and they are a MAC member, you have until July 15th to nominate that someone for one of the three awards offered by MAC/MLA: the Marguerite Abel Service Recognition Award, the MAC Librarian of the Year Award and the One-Person Library Recognition Award. The award recipients receive a paid MAC registration for the next annual meeting, recognition at the Honors and Awards Luncheon, and a plaque.

Wilmington: The Port City Awaits Your Visit!

by Lynn Eades, LAC Publicity Chair

Annual meetings are not just sitting in a hotel and listening to speakers! Meetings are also an avenue to adventure in a new city. Wilmington invites you to see the sites and sounds of the Port City!

Sites to see within walking distance of the hotel

Battleship USS North Carolina – Self-guided tours move you through the decks of this historic World War II battleship. The ship is open daily from 8am to 5pm. Adults $8, Children 6-11 $4, Children under 5 free.

The Cotton Exchange – In the mood for some shopping? The Cotton Exchange has over 30 shops and restaurants ready to serve you. The shops are open Monday-Saturday from 10am to 5:30pm. Some shops are open on Sunday from 1pm to 5pm. The restaurants are open in the evenings.

St. John’s Museum of Art – Housed in three buildings dating from 1804, the museum is the primary visual arts center in southeastern North Carolina. The collection highlights North Carolina Master painters and pottery. The museum is open Tuesday through Saturday from 10am to 5pm and Sunday from 12noon to 4pm. Adults $2, Children 6-17 $1

Chandler’s Wharf – A variety of shops on the riverfront! Chandler’s Wharf is also the home to two of Wilmington’s favorite restaurants.

Antique Shops – I know a lot of you are into antiques. Downtown Wilmington has nearly 20 antique shops! Bring the plastic!!

Carriage and Horse Drawn Trolley Tours – See Downtown Wilmington is style! Tours are given Tuesday through Sunday. Call 910-251-8889 for more information and pricing.

Like jazz? You may want to stay the weekend and catch the 6th Annual Seafood, Blues, & Jazz Festival, October 9 &10 at Carolina and Kure Beaches. Call 910-458-8434 for more information.

Wilmington has also been the site for several movies. The largest studio outside of Hollywood is located in Wilmington. EUE/Screen Gems Studios offers Silver Screen Tours. This walking tour is available Saturdays and Sundays. Reservations are required. Call 910-675-8479 for more information.

Wilmington has a lot to offer you. Share the adventure! Make plans to visit Wilmington today!


Governmental News Report

by Carolyn Willard, Chair, Governmental Relations Committee

Tight Budget: Budget Resolutions, passed by the House and Senate in March, are bound by budget caps agreed to as part of the Budget Enforcement Act of 1997. This could mean cuts in education funding, especially if allocations to defense spending are increased. This will impact financial support for library programs.

Library Legislative Day: On May 3 – 4, library supporters came to the Capitol for the 25th National Library Legislative Day. More than 500 library advocates, including librarians, trustees and users, visited legislative offices to voice their concerns about library issues and funding. Hopefully our legislators listened and will support our libraries.

News From the States . . .


Stephen Johnson, MLS, has taken the position of Director for Network Information Technology Services/Library Manager, at the Hickory branch of the Northwest AHEC Library in Hickory, NC.


UVA Health Sciences Library Renovation Begins

The University of Virginia’s Claude Moore Health Sciences Library celebrated the start of a long-awaited $5.5 million renovation and expansion project at a Groundbreaking Ceremony in the Library’s foyer on May 5, 1999. Dr. Robert Cantrell, Vice-President and Provost for health sciences, and Linda Watson, Library Director, hefted the first shovel-full of dirt unearthed for the event from the Library’s unfinished basement where construction will start this month. The same shovel that was used for the Library’s first groundbreaking on July 10, 1973 was used for this present celebration.

Construction by the Richmond-based firm of Daniel and Company, Inc. is scheduled in four phases with completion in Fall 2000. Library operations will continue throughout the renovation period. Key features of the project include developing an unfinished basement into useable space for historical collections and staff functions; creating new reading rooms and group study rooms, expanding the computer lab, replacing the heating and air conditioning system and all lighting, upgrading the telecommunications networking, and redecorating with new carpet and comfortable furniture. The end result will be a “Library for the New Century.”

Staff Changes at the UVA Health Sciences Library

Jonathan Lord, formerly the Assistant Director for the Learning Resources Center, is now the new Assistant Director for Collection Development. In July, Barbara Collins, currently the Danville Outreach Librarian, will move to Charlottesville to be the Learning Resources Center Coordinator.

The Hampton University Nursing Collection is Now on DOCLINE

Cynthia Burke reports that the Hampton University School of Nursing journal holdings are now in DOCLINE. The LIBID is 23668A.

Inova Hospitals Share a Librarian

Velora Jernigan-Pedrick is the librarian for Inova Mount Vernon Hospital Health Sciences Library (IMVH) as well as a reference librarian for Inova Fairfax Hospital Health Sciences Library (IFH). She works 2 days per week at IMVH and 3 days per week at IFH.


The West Virginia Health Sciences Library Association held its annual meeting in Morgantown, WV, May 10-11, 1999, in conjunction with the WV CONSULT Information Gatekeepers Conference. The following individuals were elected to serve as officers for the upcoming year: Virginia Bender, President; Nancy J. Wasson, Vice-President/President-Elect; Karen Curtis, Secretary; Ed Dzierzak, Treasurer.

Nancy J. Wasson, Head of Access Services, WVU Health Sciences Library, presented a workshop on “Digital Document Delivery” at the WV CONSULT Information Gatekeepers Conference on May 11, 1999. Sally Brown, WVU Health Sciences Library, has recently been appointed to the position of Information Services Librarian.

The WVU HSL is currently seeking to fill a new faculty librarian position, Information Services Librarian/Educational Services Coordinator, and also a temporary position, Information Services Librarian.

West Virginia University has been slated as a 1999 site for NLM Online Training. Introduction to Web Based Searching will be taught August 4-5. Making the Transition will be taught August 6, 1999.

Posters and Papers at Port o’ Wilmington!

by Steven J. Squires, MAC Chair-Elect

The 1999 MAC Annual Meeting – U.S.S. MAC: Shoring Up, Sailing Forth – will feature both contributed papers and posters. Take the plunge! Prepare a paper to present or a poster to show. Whether you tell us about successes, failures, forecasts, new services, unique users, or sandcastles in the sky, your colleagues throughout the region are ready to hear and see.

It is the aim of the 1999 MAC Conference to help attendees clarify and resolve the “disconnect” between the roles of librarians and libraries in the past and their roles in a rapidly changing future. The program committee is soliciting papers and posters that build on this theme by providing practical examples or ideas of how traditional buildings, services, programs, collections, skills, or relationships have been “shored up” to provide a foundation for the development of new space or service configurations. Selected papers will describe how librarians have redefined, renovated, enhanced or updated library spaces, services, or professional skills and are “sailing forth” with confidence and creativity to meet needs of users in the new millennium.

Areas of interest include, but are not limited to: professional competencies, electronic collection development, intranet development, building or renovation programs, changing roles of librarians, organizational development, consortium development, resource sharing.

If you are interested, please submit a 250-word abstract describing your paper or poster. Up to six papers will be selected for 15 minute presentations at the contributed papers session on the first day of the meeting. Posters will be on exhibit throughout the meeting. Authors are encouraged to submit their abstracts electronically. For papers, any software applications and reasonably sized GIF images are acceptable.

Please submit abstracts to the following addresses. You will be notified of acceptance and presentation details.


Karen Grandage
Educational Services Coordinator
University of Virginia
Health Sciences Library
#234 Health Sciences Center
Chalottesville, Virginia 22908
TEL: (804) 924-0056
FAX: (804) 243-6928


Karen Zeliff
Director of Education Technology
The Moses H. Cone Health System Medical
Library/Greensboro AHEC
1200 N. Elm Street
Greensboro, NC 27401-1020

TEL: (336) 832-7483
FAX: (336) 832-7328

Publication Deadline

Newsworthy items for the MAC Messages July/August issue may be submitted to the editor ( until July 15, 1999. Please include “MAC” in your subject line.


Chair Terrance Burton
Chair-Elect Steven Squires
Secretary Janie Trumbull
Treasurer Patricia Hammond
Chapter Council Representative Ed Dzierzak
(Alternate) Ginny DuPont
Immediate Past Chair Julia Shaw-Kokot
Committee Chairs
Local Arrangements Donna Flake
Publications Beverly Murphy
Governmental Relations Carolyn Willard
Professional Development Beth Layton
Membership Russet Hambrick
Honors & Awards JoLinda Thompson
Nominee to MLA Nominating Committee Gretchen Arnold
State Reporters
District of Columbia Velora Jernigan-Pedrick
Maryland Barbara Koehler
North Carolina Hattie Vines
Virginia Renee Mansheim
West Virginia Nancy Wasson
MAC Messages:
Published bimonthly by the Mid-Atlantic Chapter / Medical Library Association.
Editor Janice Mason

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