Site for submitting MLA 2019 poster and lightning-talk proposals open until January 25

The MLA ’19 site for poster and lightning-talk submissions is open. The site will remain open until Friday, January 25, 2019.

Submit your poster or lightning talk structured abstract with a description of a research project or program using the guidelines on MLANET

You now have information about acceptance on any paper or immersion sessions you submitted. Time to turn your attention to your poster and lightning talk ideas! Submit new ideas or consider reformatting and submitting any ideas that were not accepted for paper presentations-perhaps the poster/lightning talk format will be a better fit!

More Information:

*   The MLA Research Section awards individuals with the best research-based posters.
*   Criteria and FAQ: Papers, immersion sessions, posters, and lightning talks
*   Questions: Contact the Contributed Content Planning Group

Contributed Content Planning Group

*   Papers: Jamie Conklin, Kathy Kwan, and Hannah Schilperoort
*   Posters: Carol Seiler, Ahlam Saleh, and Lindsay Blake
*   Lightning talks: Meaghan Muir and Brenda Faye Green, FMLA
*   Immersion sessions: Lisa A. Marks, AHIP, and Dan Burgard

See you at MLA ’19 in Chicago!

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