Tonight Discuss the Horizon Report on Technology and Education

Tonight (6 PM Pacific/9 PM Eastern) members of the medical library
community will be discussing the trends in higher education and
technology its possible impact in health sciences libraries.

The NMC Horizon Report> 2013 Higher Education Edition, is a
collaboration between the New Media Consortium and the EDUCAUSE Learning
Initiative. The groups strive to identify and describe emerging
technologies and their likely impact on learning, teaching and creative
inquiry in higher education.

We will be discussing the report on Twitter using the hashtag #medlibs.
The easiest way to view and participate in the discussion is to use the
TweetChat website, You need a Twitter account
( to sign in but after that, you can follow the conversation
by entering medlibs in the box following the hashtag (#) at the top of
the page and hitting the Go>> button.

It is always a fun and informative discussion. The chat goes for 1 hour
so if you can’t make it at exactly 9pm or have to scoot out a little
early, it is all good. It’s a good group with lots of participation.

The #medlibs group meet every Thursday and discuss a variety of topics.
To learn more about the group, discover future topics, volunteer to lead
a discussion or read transcripts previous chats go to

I hope to see you there. 🙂

Michelle Kraft, MLS, AHIP
Senior Medical Librarian
Cleveland Clinic Alumni Library

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