Updates to the MAC website

Dear MAC Colleagues,
The first stage of our redesign of the MAC website is nearly complete. Starting Wednesday, January 31, the MAC website will be reunited with the MAC Messages blog. The combined site will reside at https://macmla.org and will use the interim theme currently used by the blog. The interim URL macmla.com that was used temporarily for MAC Messages will only serve as a redirect after the merge is complete.

We hope you will find this updated version of the site easier to use as well as aesthetically pleasing. The Website Redesign Task Force will be continuing its work behind the scenes in the weeks and months to come including a redesign of the logo. We will unveil the final product later this year. Stay tuned!

MAC Website Task Force

  • Brian McDonald, Chair
  • Beverly Murphy
  • Ashley Cuffia
  • Sarah Wade
  • Everly Brown
  • Beth Moreton
  • Katie Zybeck
  • Lynn Eades
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