Webinar: Find the Light in a Grey Literature Search!

Grey (Literature) Matters: Selecting the Right Grey Literature to Search<http://www.medlib-ed.org/products/2093/grey-literature-matters-selecting-the-right-grey-literature-to-search>

Being asked to do a grey literature search doesn’t have to darken your mood. If you know how to identify the most valuable types of literature for your question, you can find the light. Join Sarah Bonato on October 2 for the first of an illuminating two-part series on grey (literature) matters.

Learn more about and register for Grey (Literature) Matters: Selecting the Right Grey Literature to Searc http://www.medlib-ed.org/products/2093/grey-literature-matters-selecting-the-right-grey-literature-to-search

Wednesday, October 2, 1:00 p.m.-2:30 p.m., central time


Purchase the Grey (Literature) Matters Webinar Series, which includes a recorded webinar on searching grey literature for systematic reviews and receive three webinars for the price of two http://www.medlib-ed.org/products/2095/grey-literature-matters-webinar-series-three-for-the-price-of-two.

Participants receive a 30% discount on Sarah Bonato’s book, Searching the Grey Literature.

Coming later this year

November 6

Grey (Literature) Matters: Structuring your Google Search<http://www.medlib-ed.org/products/2094/grey-matters-structuring-your-google-search>

December 11

Research by the Numbers: Measuring and Increasing Impact<http://www.medlib-ed.org/products/2096/research-by-the-numbers-measuring-and-increasing-impact>

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