2010 Marguerite Abel Service Recognition Award Goes to Rick Peterson

The Honors and Awards Committee was proud to present Rick Peterson from Duke Medical Library with the Marguerite Abel Service Recognition Award at the annual conference in October. The award is given to a MAC member for exemplary service to the Chapter during the past year, including, but not limited to, serving as an officer or on a committee, working on special MAC projects, developing/teaching courses, presenting papers/posters, writing/editing for MAC publications, acting as a mentor or consultant for MAC members, or representing MAC to other groups. The recipient receives a plaque and a cash award of $200.00.

 Rick’s nomination noted that he has been the chair or co-chair of two MAC Meetings in North Carolina, the one in Raleigh and the current one in Chapel Hill. He came forward and volunteered to head up this year’s committee right away when we had to find a new location. While he got a late start he lost no time in finding a new location, putting the excellent local arrangements committees together, and getting this conference on solid footing. Rick keeps track of the dates and the details but he doesn’t lose site of the big picture. He provides confident leadership and a willingness to do whatever it takes to get the job done. He even provides the entertainment with his MAC colleague band members. Rick has had a role in most of our conferences of the last few years. He has served as chair of the PDC committee and he has agreed to run for office.

 ~ written by Brittany Horn for the MAC Honors and Awards Committee

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