2014 MAC Award for Professional Excellence by a Health Sciences Librarian

Alexa Mayo, 2014 MAC Award for Professional Excellence by a Health Sciences Librarian

MAC is excited to announce that Alexa Mayo is the winner of the 2014 MAC Award for Professional Excellence by a Health Sciences Librarian.

Alexa is the Associate Director for Services Health Sciences and Human Services Library (HSHSL), at the University of Maryland.  Alexa has had an amazing year professionally. This is just a short list of the contributions:

  1. She developed and implemented a library exchange program with the University of Nairobi, culminating in a trip to Kenya to share best practices in health sciences libraries with our colleagues there. An article detailing this program appeared in the April 2014 issue of the Journal of the Medical Library Association.
  2. In her role as Associate Director for Services, Alexa helped organize, brand and market the HSHSL’s “Research Connection” group of services to support the UMB faculty’s research efforts. In connection with that, she participated in organizing a day-long symposium on research impact that was highly successful.
  3. She was co-author on an article entitled “The Library as Culture Club” which appeared in the October 2013 issue of the JMLA.
  4. She helped develop Project SHARE: which stands for “Student Health Advocated Redefining Empowerment”. The three primary aims of the project were to empower high school students as community health advocates; promote improved health and reduce health disparities in Baltimore neighborhoods; and develop a replicable student health advocacy program. Alexa wrote the vast majority of the grant application for the project. She is now assembling a model curriculum that can be used by community-academic partnerships nationwide interested in achieving similar objectives.

And 5. She was selected as an NLM/Association of Academic Health Sciences Libraries Leadership Fellow. The program focuses on preparing emerging leaders for the position of library director in academic health sciences libraries.


From her nomination: “She is a person of great integrity; is thoughtful and reflective in her decisions; and cares deeply about her colleagues, her profession and thankfully, her library.” Congratulations, Alexa!


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