Call for Proposals for new ACRL book, Teaching Information Literacy by Discipline

We are seeking chapter proposals for a new edited collection on adapting the Framework for Information Literacy in Higher Education to specific disciplines. Scott Libson and Malia Willey will edit the volume, tentatively titled Teaching Information Literacy by Discipline: Using and Creating Adaptations of the Framework, which is under contract with the Association of College & Research Libraries.


The Framework offers broad applicability that can be customized for different areas of study. How a particular frame applies when drafting learning outcomes, building a research guide, crafting an assignment, or designing curricula often requires adaptation to a particular discipline. Consequently, librarians have created companion documents that point to the ways that the Framework applies to their various fields, or they have created subject-specific information literacy applications. This book is premised on the view that everyone benefits by knowing the great diversity in how librarians understand, adapt, and apply the Framework to an area of study. Proposals can reference uses of the ACRL’s official Framework companion documents or other disciplinary adaptations created and used by the author(s).

Proposals between 250 and 500 words, as well as brief CVs, should be submitted to Scott Libson ( and Malia Willey ( by February 13, 2023. Proposals should make connections between the Framework and applications to a discipline. The editors will then review all submitted proposals and notify applicants by March 13, 2023. Chapters should be approximately 2,500 words and first drafts of completed manuscripts will be due July 10, 2023. The expected publication date is in 2024.

Book Structure
The book will be divided into sections based on broad subject areas. Within each section, chapters will focus on a particular discipline.

The tentative outline is as follows:



Section 1: Arts

Chapter 1: Art, Architecture, and Design- Can include work based on The Framework for Visual Literacy in Higher Education companion document

Chapter 2: Music

Chapter 3: Theatre

Proposals on other art disciplines are encouraged!


Section 2: Humanities

Chapter 4: History- Can include work based on the Guidelines for Primary Source Literacy

Chapter 5: Journalism- Can include work based on the Journalism companion document

Chapter 6: English- Can include work based on the Research Competencies in Writing and Literature companion document

Chapter 7: Women’s and Gender Studies- Can include work based on the Women’s and Gender Studies companion document

Proposals on other humanities disciplines are encouraged!


Section 3: Professional Studies

Chapter 8: Social Work- Can include work based on the Social Work companion document

Chapter 9: Business

Chapter 10: Education

Chapter 11: Health

Proposals on other professional disciplines are encouraged!


Section 4: Social Sciences

Chapter 12: Political Science- Can include work based on the Politics, Policy, and International Relations companion document

Chapter 13: Sociology- Can include work based on the Sociology companion document

Chapter 14: Psychology- Can include work based on the Psychology companion document

Proposals on other social science disciplines are encouraged!


Section 5: Sciences- Can include work based on the STEM companion document

Chapter 15: Biology

Chapter 16: Engineering

Chapter 17: Environmental Science

Chapter 18: Geology

Proposals on other science disciplines are encouraged!



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