The MAC/MLA Research & Assessment Grants are awarded at the Annual Meeting. Completed applications must be submitted to the Chair of the Research & Assessment Committee no later than Wednesday, August 31, 2022.

For an example of a grant application, please see the successful 2014 PDF file or 2016 PDF file applications.

Sections 1-4 of this application should be completed by each person in a jointly authored project.

NOTE: If a resume or curriculum vitae contains all of the information needed for Sections 1-4, that may be substituted.

Section 1: Applicant Information

  1. Name and title
  2. Institution and address
  3. Telephone

Section 2: Education

  1. List in reverse chronological order all colleges, universities, and professional schools attended. Include degrees received and their year as well as pending degrees.

Section 3: Experience

  1. List the professional employment you have held, starting with the most recent. Include dates and a brief description of the nature of your duties.

Section 4: Other Accomplishments

  1. Honors, scholarships, or prizes you have received.
  2. Membership in honor societies and in learned and professional organizations.
  3. Research projects you have contributed to or completed.
  4. Papers you have published or have submitted for publication.

Section 5: Project Design

Provide the following information concerning the project. Begin each section on a separate page and type the applicant’s last name in the upper right hand corner of each page.

  1. Rationale & Assessment of Needs
    • Explain fully the needs, problems, deficiencies, or other stimuli that prompted this grant request. Discuss the results of any feasibility studies, surveys, or questionnaires that influenced the decision to submit this grant application.
  1. Methodology & Timeline
    • Describe the general strategies to be employed in implementing this project. Analyze the specific tasks necessary for carrying out this project and prepare a timetable defining the individual steps to be accomplished and the time for completion. Include the expected date of completion for the project.
  1. Budget
    • Provide a budgetary breakdown for all expenses related to the project. Indicate those expenses for which you are seeking assistance from MAC/MLA.
  1. Letter of Support from Library Director
    • Provide a letter from the library director stating their support for the research project to be conducted by a member or members of the library.
  1. Appendices
    • Attach examples of any questionnaires or user surveys. Attach a bibliography of publications relevant to the proposed project and any discussion pertinent to the proposed project.