Connecting with Technology Trends

Great conversations about technology trends and our roles.  Here are a few example slides demonstrating our knowledge (and humor) and some bullet points on key topics.

Connecting Physicians and iPads to Support Patient Care” by Emily Vardell

Talk Highlights:

  • There is a dearth of articles about this topic in the literature, so while we are doing these projects, presenting them as posters and talks at conferences, we need to get on the record.  In particular, JMLA will have an upcoming article on this topic.
  • Epocrates is the most used app among clinicians
  • 2/3 had iPads before
  • The most request use for iPads related to patient care is an EHR tie-in
  • Anatomy Atlas used for patient education
  • Skype used for telemedicine
  • Epocrates, Medscape, UptoDate most used clinical reference tools

“Emerging Technologies and New Medical Libraries” by Nadine Dexter

  • 80-88% of students have smartphone for incoming classes
  • 98% of physicians use mobile computing for professional+personal workflows
  • Tipping point for digital textbooks – 2017: 44% of textbooks will be ebooks
  • Resources like Pew Internet’s Adult Gadget Ownership Over Time 2006-2012 help indicate this as an evolving trend
  • Platforms like Inkling is transforming eBooks to be more dynamic and interactive, exploiting the greater potential of ebook technology

“How Did I Become the Computer Geek?  The Impact of Social Media and Other Technologies on Library Services” by Bart Ragon

  • we’ve navigated a lot of the complicated technology issues
    • 1990s – we tackled websites
    • early 2000s – we tackled PDAs
    • late 2000s to today – Summon (federated searching technology), LibGuides, mobile websites
  • Our role is to help build better systems
  • Library of the Future
    • ontologies – structuring data will become more essential
    • data – deeper connections with researchers
    • user experience – making work easier for user populations
    • search interfaces – building systems from multiples sources
    • new collaborations – new skills means new opportunities
    • EMR – beyond the info button, better healthcare
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