Quad Meeting Keynote: “Big Data”

Big data defined slide


  • little data = can be done on your own workstation
  • big data = beyond basic computing
  • big data: so much data that you need special handling because of its size
  • big data is always moving, as our increasing abilities for more storage, more speed is constantly improving
  • Living with Big Data: Challenges and Opportunities report
    • storage systems – redundancy
    • fault tolerance
    • compression
    • debugging
    • performance tuning
    • latency reduction
  • Example of big data projects:
  • Implications for librarians – we have the interpersonal relationships and technical database skills to help navigate and organize messy data
  • Future big data possibilities for librarians:
    • medical information collection
    • hospital/laboratory/clinical informatics
    • personalized medicine
    • wellness informatics
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